About VSA’s Singing Training.

VSA believes that every voice is beautiful and individual and should be heard! VSA has been developing, training and nurturing singers and voices since 1993. It is now your time to develop the voice you’ve always wanted and let it shine to the world!

Before and After singing improvement with VSA (Kiara)
An Actual Scales Lesson At Vox Singing Academy.

Private Singing Lessons

VSA‘s private singing tuition, vocal coaching and tailored lesson plans will cover the following activities, exercises and foundations to improve your voice and help you become the very best singer possible.

Sing The Songs You Want To Sing, Not The Songs Your Teacher Wants You To Sing.

Most singing schools and teachers want you to sing songs in their favourite genre or songs they are familiar with, NOT AT VSA!

VSA’s Singing Training Private Singing Lessons

All VSA students have full control over the genre and songs they choose to sing as long as the songs are in a suitable key for the students’ voice, vocal ability and can be sung with good technique and in a healthy manner.

VSA singing teachers will apply the techniques that you have learnt from your customised vocal scales work out directly into your songs. This is very similar, for instance for a football player who will directly apply the skills they learn during training sessions into the game on match day!

Your teacher will provide you with detailed instruction and notes to greatly help and guide you while you are practising away from class. These notes will be written on your lyrical sheet for the desired song, so you can follow our teachers’ instruction. At the teachers’ request, you will be required to bring your song choice back the following week to be reviewed by the teacher.

This is where you/we will see improvement if you have diligently practised and followed the instruction and notes documented on your lyric sheet by your teacher.

Actual Singing Lesson With Peter Vox working through the songs Never enough & Angel.

Your Scales Workout

As a part of our vocal coaching and training, scales are an essential part of improving and strengthening your voice and vocal skills. Since 1993 VSA has carefully developed thousands of vocal singing scales that we guarantee will improve your voice if practice regularly and correctly. We understand that a one size fits all approach does not work as every singer is an individual and every singer is at a different skill level. Each singer and musical genre requires a different approach as does every voice.

All scales and duration of practice time are customised and tailored for every student’s personal needs, range, ability and music genre.

You will also learn pitch and ear training development exercises to ensure you are singing the right notes all the time.

An Actually Scales Lesson At Vox Singing Academy.

Correct Breathing

Correct diaphragmatic support and breathing exercises will be given to all students. Your diaphragm is the engine room when singing. All your power, strength, projection, holding, support, vibrato, stamina and control ALL comes with proper diaphragmatic support and breathing. VSA will teach you how to correctly use your diaphragm for the maximum vocal benefit.

We will also work on V.B.C. (Vocal Breath Control) which is an advanced breathing technique invented by owner and director Peter Vox himself.

As you learn how to breathe properly through the diaphragm and abdominal area (The ‘V’ in the ribs), this breathing technique will enable you to control your vocal power as well as give you vocal strength and stamina to fully support every note you sing.
Breathing is a very important and essential part to a great singer.

VSA’s Singing Training Breathing for singers

What You Will Actually Learn In Lessons Regarding Correct Diaphragmatic Breathing For All Singers!

Vocal Coaching

We provide all students with one­ on­ one vocal coaching to work on perfecting your voice and overall performance.
Areas covered:
Correct vocal warmups and cool downs.
▪ Live performance coaching.
▪ Vocal & physical health.
▪ Vocal does and don’ts.
▪ Audition preparation.
▪ Microphone technique. (Live and recording studio)
▪ Stage presentation and crowd interaction.
▪ Overcoming performance anxiety, stage fright and nerves.
▪ Vocal coaching for extended periods of touring, performing and recording.
▪ Motivation and life coaching.
▪ Songwriting, structure & musicianship.
▪ Music business and industry advice.
▪ Exam preparation

An Actually Lesson Of Vocal Coaching In Action At VSA.

Online Singing Lessons.


Online singing lessons anywhere, any time!
Our online classes are conducted in exactly the same fashion as our one­on­one private in­studio singing lessons. Conductor anywhere any time with good Wi­Fi or Internet connection.
Online classes are perfect for touring performers on the road, in the recording studio or if you are simply unable to travel to one of our numerous Melbourne studios.
PayPal is available for overseas students for easy conversion into Australian dollars for payment.

VSA’s Singing Training Online Singing Lessons

See An Actual VSA Online Lesson In Action.

The Ultimate Online Singing Course.

Courses for anyone of any age with a desire to improve their singing voice – from the absolute beginner to the experienced singer. Greatly develop your vocal tone, confidence, singing range, breathing, pitch, stamina, strength, technique, control. Learn to sing harmonies, gain a start ­worthy stage presentation, and much more!

4 courses (Entry level, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional) each of which caters for all genres at different skill levels. Designed for both males and females, adults and children of any skill level!

Whether you want to learn to sing RnB, hard rock, pop, sing harmonies, expand your higher range, learn to scream, sing a soft ballad, learn correct breathing techniques or stage presentation — there is a short course here designed to give you the vocal ability and skills you want!

VSA’s Singing Training, Online Singing Course

A Short Video Presentation About VSA’S Ultimate Online Singing Course.

Learn More About The Ultimate Online Singing Course.

See How The Ultimate Online Singing Course Really Works!

Group Singing Lessons.

Group singing classes are a fun, interactive and enjoyable way to build confidence and learn how to sing. Group classes follow a different curriculum to our private one­on­one classes. Group classes are run in a fun, relaxed, format with a strong emphasis on teamwork and support from your classmates. All the important principles covered in our private singing lessons will be covered in group classes such as vocal singing scales, breathing techniques, microphone technique and stage presentation.

All group classes consist of groups of three to seven students per class, both males and females. Group Classes are only run for children under 12 years of age.
All students in group classes are given the chance to sing their chosen songs in front of their classmates on a weekly basis, fast­tracking the student’s performance, stage presentation, and vocal abilities.
Vocal singing scales, breathing techniques, microphone technique and stage presentation are also covered in group classes. The group will also work on collaborative pieces such as “We will rock you” by Queen.

VSA’s Singing Training Group Singing Lessons

Intensive Vocal Training

Perfect for students from interstate and overseas who want to make a day or week out of there intensive vocal training here in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.
The course will start with a brief discussion about what you want to achieve from the intensive vocal training. The student will then receive an in ­depth vocal assessment and appraisal from the teacher. The rest of the course will then be personally tailored and customised to work on the points that are most applicable to the student.

VSA’s Singing Training Intensive Vocal Training

Some of the topics covered throughout the course will be:
*Correct vocal warm­ups, cooldowns
*Correct diaphragmatic breathing techniques
*Pitch and ear training
*Personally recorded and customised scales workouts
*Live performance coaching
*Microphone technique, stage presentation and crowd interaction. *Working through songs of your choice
*Songwriting and/or pre­production of songs *Vocal do’s and don’ts
*Vocal care and health
*Anatomy and how the voice works
*Vocal coaching for extended periods of touring, performing and recording.
*Vocal health & general fitness
Classes are 2, 4 or 8 ­hour sessions
between 11 am to 7 pm weekdays and
10 am to 5 pm on Saturday or Sundays.

Peter Vox’s Premium Classes.

Premium singing lessons with Australian renowned celebrity singing teacher Peter Vox. Peter has 39 years of experience in the music industry, has been a full­ time professional singing teacher & vocal coach since 1993, a former writer for national music magazine “Mixdown” and Principal teacher, Founder & Director of VSA. Peter has a proven track record to achieve results fast having taught numerous high profile professional singers and bands with major label recording and performance contracts. His students are known to travel from interstate and overseas to utilise his wealth of knowledge and experience and now you can too!

VSA’s Singing Training - Peter Vox’s Premium Classes

• Full Access to Peter Vox’s entire arsenal of 5000+ vocal scales.
• Premium Ear & Pitch Training. Peter will guarantee you to be in key and on pitch at least 99% of the time.
• Guaranteed email and phone contact with Peter Vox for any questions, help and
advice with same­day response by phone and 24­hour response via email.
• Unlimited Industry Advice & Information. Complete access to all information pertaining to Peter Vox’s entire Music industry career. There is no question that Peter cannot answer regarding the music industry or the voice!
• Music Industry Contacts. All Peter Vox’s industry contacts will be made available to you.
• Premium Vocal Coaching. Covering all aspects of vocal health and wellbeing. This will include your physical health, exercise regime, general health and diet. He will also include advice regarding performance stress, anxiety issues, voice and general anatomy, touring schedules and vocal regimes when touring, song choice and key preference, gig preparation and much much more!
• Life Coaching. Anyone who has met Peter can tell you what an inspirational person he is! During this lessons, he will cover goal setting, direction, study and motivation. The music industry can at times be difficult – Peter will help you stay upbeat, positive and provide you with the will and strength needed to keep going during tough times and the inspiration required to train your mind for ultimate success.
• Premium Songwriting Instruction & Tuition. Covering in­depth songwriting structures that the successful professionals use. He will provide you with all his industry tips, hints and the formulas needed to create a great song all of the time.
• Premium Stage Presentation & Performing Advice. Covering microphone
technique, movement, working the stage, dance and choreography. Also mental and physical strategies to overcoming performance anxiety and nerves.
• Professional Crowd Interaction & How To Connect And Engage With Your Audience.
audience. Peter will cover how to really work and control a crowd and how to have them eating out of your hand! This will include connecting with your audience by means of general conversation, joke telling and subject matter/banter with your audience. He will also cover your song setlist arrangements for best effect.
• Premium Cold & Flu Management. To ensure you never miss a show again! Peter knows all the surefire ways to overcome any ailments and can help you perform confidently even when you are sick.
“I have been professionally teaching since 1993 and have had a total of ONLY 9 days off through my entire singing career” Peter Vox.

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