Peter Vox’s Premium Classes.

Premium singing lessons with Australian renowned celebrity singing teacher Peter Vox. Peter has 39 years of experience in the music industry, has been a full­ time professional singing teacher & vocal coach since 1993, a former writer for national music magazine “Mixdown” and Principal teacher, Founder & Director of VSA. Peter has a proven track record to achieve results fast having taught numerous high profile professional singers and bands with major label recording and performance contracts. His students are known to travel from interstate and overseas to utilise his wealth of knowledge and experience and now you can too!
Full Access to Peter Vox’s entire arsenal of 5000+ vocal scales, expertise experience and knowledge on all subject matter.
Premium Ear & Pitch Training. Peter will guarantee you to be in key and on pitch at least 99% of the time.
Guaranteed email and phone contact with Peter Vox for any questions, help and advice with same­ day response by phone and 24­hour response via email.

Alex Reade lead singer from “Drown This City” & Peter Vox in a singing lesson practising mic technique and stage presentation.

Unlimited Industry Advice & Information. Complete access to all information pertaining to Peter Vox’s entire Music industry career. There is no question that Peter cannot answer regarding the music industry or the voice!
Music Industry Contacts. All Peter Vox’s industry contacts will be made available to you.
Premium Vocal Coaching is designed to keep you accountable. You will be reporting back to Peter weekly regarding your singing and career progress. Also covering all aspects of vocal health and wellbeing. This will include your physical health, exercise regime, general health and diet. He will also include advice regarding performance stress, anxiety issues, voice and general anatomy, touring schedules and vocal regimes when touring, song choice and key preference, gig preparation and much much more!
Life Coaching. Anyone who has met Peter can tell you what an inspirational person he is! During this lessons, he will cover goal setting, direction, study and motivation. The music industry can at times be difficult – Peter will help you stay upbeat, positive and provide you with the will and strength needed to keep going during tough times and the inspiration required to train your mind for ultimate success.
Premium Songwriting Instruction & Tuition. Covering in-depth songwriting structures that the successful professionals use. He will provide you with all his industry tips, hints and the formulas needed to create a great song all of the time.
Premium Stage Presentation & Performing Advice. Covering microphone technique, movement, working the stage, dance and choreography. Also mental and physical strategies to overcoming performance anxiety and nerves.
Professional Crowd Interaction & How To Connect And Engage With Your Audience.
Peter will cover how to really work and control a crowd and how to have them eating out of your hand! This will include connecting with your audience by means of general conversation, joke telling and subject matter/banter with your audience. He will also cover your song setlist arrangements for best effect.
Premium Cold & Flu Management. To ensure you never miss a show again! Peter knows all the surefire ways to overcome any ailments and can help you perform confidently even when you are sick.

• Peter Vox’s Premium classes are $90 each. $450 for a 5 week term & (10% OFF = 1 FREE Lesson) $810 for a 10 week term.

To book premium classes with Peter Vox please call 0422 278 289 or email contact@voxsingingacademy.com


A fully qualified VSA teacher can come to you!
Home visit and out of studio vocal couching is available now at Vox Singing Academy!  This service is perfect for all different aspects of music, singing and production. A Vox Singing Academy teacher can be hired for 1 to 8 hours.
This service is perfect for:
*Vocal training
*Recording studio vocal couching
*Bands rehearsals
*Choir work
*Directing of theatre production
*Voice production
*Pre production vocal care
*Home visit singing lessons
*Give cast or production crew lessons
*School, Tafe or University lectures or workshops
*High schools/Primary schools

Singers in VSA class where we come to you.


Perfect for students from interstate, overseas or anyone that wants to fast track the vocal/singing development here in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.
The course will start with a brief discussion about what you want to achieve from the intensive vocal training. The student will then receive an in ­depth vocal assessment and appraisal from the teacher. The rest of the course will then be personally tailored and customised to work on the points that are most applicable to the student.

Peter Vox in an intensive vocal training class.

Some of the topics covered throughout the course will be:
*Correct vocal warm­ups, cooldowns
*Correct diaphragmatic breathing techniques
*Pitch and ear training
*Personally recorded and customised scales workouts
*Live performance coaching
*Microphone technique, stage presentation and crowd interaction. *Working through songs of your choice
*Songwriting and/or pre­production of songs *Vocal do’s and don’ts
*Vocal care and health
*Anatomy and how the voice works
*Vocal coaching for extended periods of touring, performing and recording.
*Vocal health & general fitness
Classes are 4 or 8 ­hour sessions
between 11 am to 7 pm weekdays and
10 am to 5 pm on Saturday or Sundays.

4 hour intensive vocal training ranges between $280 to $560 per four hour session and the 8 hour intensive vocal training ranges between $490 to $980 per four hour session depending on the experience of the teacher.


Group singing classes are a fun, interactive and enjoyable way to build confidence and learn how to sing. Group classes follow a different curriculum to our private one­ on ­one classes. Group classes are run in a fun, relaxed, format with a strong emphasis on teamwork and support from your classmates. All the important principles covered in our private singing lessons will be covered in group classes such as vocal singing scales, breathing techniques, microphone technique and stage presentation.

All group classes consist of groups of three to seven students per class, both males and females. Group Classes are only run for children under 13 years of age at Vox Singing Academy. The reason being is the singing results are more prominent and pronounced when you take private singing lessons.
Adult group classes are available on request.
All students in group classes are given the chance to sing their chosen songs in front of their classmates on a weekly basis, fast­ tracking the student’s performance, stage presentation, and vocal abilities.
Vocal singing scales, breathing techniques, microphone technique and stage presentation are also covered in group classes. The group will also work on collaborative pieces such as “We will rock you” by Queen.

Singers in VSA group class.

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