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Have you dreamed of becoming a professional vocalist, or just want to sound better singing your favourite tunes in front of your family and friends? Want to compete on TV shows, perform in musical theatre, or record and tour the world with a band? So what are you waiting for? Whatever you desire from your voice is possible right now for as little as $14.95 per month! That is an ABSOLUTE STEAL considering Peter Vox’s private singing lessons are $100 an hour!!

Condensing over 25 years of vocal coaching and singing teaching experience, VSA has meticulously developed over 16 hours of theoretical and practical singing lessons online, including over 140 scales, which will help you expand your range, develop great pitch, vocal power, breathing, stamina, agility, microphone technique, stage presentation, and a vast array of singing techniques. Our 4 online courses are designed for ALL singing levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Professional.

Guaranteeing FAST results like no other singing program! With our comprehensive, well though-out and planned courses you can take the easiest route and have fun learning to sing the way you always dreamed of. Master The Vox singing techniques online, improve your voice and become the best vocalist you can be – in any genre of singing, from anywhere in the word, any time you choose!

If doing a full course isn’t for you, for as little as $7.95 per month VSA also has 17 short custom courses on various topics of singing and performing.

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