Dylan Hill

An Experienced Singer Songwriter with a long history of working in the music industry, Dylan Hill has spent the past decade working in all aspects of the music industry from performing live, recording, producing, teaching, songwriting and touring. Dylan has nearly done it all!

With a strong background in songwriting and production, Dylan has always been drawn to the science of how songs come together, particularly focusing on the voice and vocal melodies from the very inception of the idea to its end result in the studio and live on stage. These skills were developed and refined during his Bachelor of Applied Music.

Working on countless big name music projects with high caliber artists such as Hayden Calnin and Ross James (Daniel Johns, Chet Faker, Vera Blue).

Dylan spent many years working & developing his singing, production and songwriting craft with musicians and industry professionals around the globe, seeing him reside in LA, London and Berlin.

Dylan’s talents extended out to the film world also writing numerous film scores including “We’ve All Been There” which won first prize at Tropfest.

Dylan was working with topline artists regularly cementing an understanding of how a voice sits in a song, many of Dylan’s works went on to see healthy national airplay on Triple J (Casper Cult, Eliza Hull, The Small Sea Thieves) and Dylan has been featured as Triple J’s unearthed Artist of the week.

Dylan wanted to take his career and voice to the next level which lead him to seek guidance from renowned VSA Director and Principal Teacher Peter Vox.

Since meeting Peter, Dylan has developed a passion for voice and his voice has taken its place as a primary songwriting tool.
“It has proven to be an invaluable tool in my songwriting and production alone.”

“On top of it being such a powerful tool in my music, the voice is such a strong application in mental health. That’s what inspired me to teach it!” “I believe everyone should sing because you can administer your own brand of self-care at any time because all you need is your voice!”

Dylan has a positive, chilled, empathetic personality and has experience teaching both adults and children, males and females. Possessing a large vocal range range enables him to sing and teach all contemporary genres of singing such as pop, rock, RnB, musical theatre, alternative, folk, metal, screaming and specialises in songwriting and composition.

Dylan’s Teaching Hours:


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