In this week’s blog our Principal Singing Teacher Peter Vox is giving another excellent tutorial for both male and female singers. Most importantly, he demonstrates proper belting technique with singing examples and scales.What does belting meanin singing? Can you learn to belt? How to belt high notes safely and without strain? What is the easiest vocal belting exercise?

In this blog I’ll be talking about, demonstrating and explaining belting, what it is and how to use it safely. Let’s talk a little bit about belting firstly. The term “belting” is a theatre term and it means singing very strong or nearly yelling.

Please, before you start any belting, make sure that you are correctly warmed up. Please, make sure that you’re supporting or belting a note through the diaphragm, make sure that your neck is relaxed. There is no tension in the neck or constriction when you are belting, so that the sounds flow out of the mouth like a river when you are belting.

You must practice belting and strengthen this part of your voice before you start to apply it into songs. I am now going to give you a demonstration of some clean singing with a scale, and then some belting with the same scale.

Clean singing! We are going to go with the “WAH-AH” (please, refer to this video: https://youtu.be/6TfcKHvTkZs).

Now, the same scale for belting. What I will do is I will not put that little sob into my voice, I am going with a straight sound, so it’s nearly yelling.

That was the demonstration (of the difference) between a clean voice and a belt voice right there.

We will now run through a belting scale here. Please, make sure that you’re warmed up. We’re going to do it on “YEAH”… We’ll throw it forward, firm! No crying, tighten up the diaphragm. Give into it, no sob! Use your stomach.

Please, cool down after you do this scale. Whenever you do any belting – it’s very important that you cool down afterwards. I hope that this has helped you out, and I’ll see you on the next blog! Bye for now!

Have fun singing,
The Vox Team



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