What Genre of Music Best Suits My Voice?

In this blog, we’re going to be talking about and discussing what genre of music best suits our voice or what songs should I sing that will be suit my voice?

This is a question that I frequently get asked by a lot of students but especially up and coming beginner singers… this is a very simple question to answer. Simply sing the genre of music that you love to sing – that’s it. The bottom line in singing is you must have fun and that’s what we do it for.

There are many different genres of singing and the same is to be said with dancing and martial arts. With dancing you can do tango, hip-hop, ballet, salsa or whatever it may be. In martial arts you can do karate, kung-fu, muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu … there’s so many that you can do.  But if you have done dancing or martial arts, you’ll always be drawn to one or two that you really particularly enjoy and that’s the same for singing – please do genre or sing songs that you really love to sing because you will enjoy it.

Here are some of the points to help you out:

  • I know that a lot of up and coming singers are inspired to sing their favorite artists – that’s fine, please do that but remember that you are not your favorite artist that you like; you are your own, unique individual voice just like a fingerprint. Every fingerprint is different and every voice is different so please come to terms with your voice and what you can sing.
  • When your singing songs, please pick out songs that best suits your vocal range and that you’re going to sound the best in what you’re singing. So you may be aspired to be singing something that’s very high and if you’re not a tenor or a soprano you may struggle to sing those so please sing some artists or in lower keys that will best suit your voice.
  • Keep it simple and keep it fun. You don’t want to over think your singing so if your song is maybe a bit too complicated, intricate or maybe there’s too many lyrics, pick something that is easy and keep it simple but this really is the be-all or end all of your singing. You’re singing in the right key it will feel good and sound good meaning a lot more fun and joy for you as a singer.
  • Please always pick keys that best suit your vocal range and do a genre music that you love and then you will continue to always practice and do what you’re doing because you enjoy doing it without being forced. Please always remember to enjoy your singing!


Hope this has helped you out! See you on the next blog!