PETER VOX – Director & Principle Teacher

Peter is the Founder, Director and Principle teacher of Vox Singing Academy in Melbourne Australia. An expert in his chosen field with 34 plus years experience in the music industry and has been teaching professionally for more than 24 years.  As a result of his expertise with singing, vocals and voice, he also writes a monthly column in national music magazine, Mixdown. Peter has his own YouTube channel titled The 5-Minute Singer.

Founder, Director & Principal Teacher, Peter Vox

Peter Vox started performing at the age of 6 at the local church choir and formed his first band at the age of 13. This led him to the United States to study for 4 years whilst learning his craft, singing and performing on stage. Peter has sung professionally in the United States and Australia in bands and musical theatres. He has trained with some of the world’s most sought out and renowned singing teachers and instructors (including Seth Riggs, USA) studying numerous contemporary and classical vocal techniques and styles and has then take the best and most crucial and important elements from all of he studies, also through teaching and performing experience, inventing and creating new scales and techniques himself to create the now Vox Singing Academy syllabus.

Through his musical studies, training, experience and performing, Peter has the answers to all your voice and music industry questions.  He is more than willing to share his wealth of knowledge with his students past or present, to give you the best modern vocal and singing tuition available. Peter is also an accomplished songwriter and can teach any form of modern contemporary vocal and singing tuition from Pop, Rock, R&B, Theatre, Jazz, Alternative, Soul, and to extreme forms of Hard Rock and heavy Metal.

Peter is always looking for new vocal innovations and techniques to build and improve Vox Singing Academey’s vocal coaching syllabus.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I am not developing new and different innovative techniques to push the boundaries of the voice, vocal and singing tuition.”

Peter has many prominent and successful students with major label record and performing contracts. He has also worked on reproduction of songs with many his famous student artists before they had gone on to record them. Peter has also co-written songs with many of his students. Peter possesses a huge 5 octave range. He is very energetic, driven, and popular teacher and availability for his classes are limited.

Private singing lessons with Peter Vox are $50 for 30 minutes.  He is available at our Dandenong , St kilda and Brunswick studios and privately coaches’ students from intermediate to professional level.

  • St Kilda on Monday between 12 noon – 10pm
  • Dandenong on Tuesdays between 12 noon – 10pm
  • Brunswick on Wednesdays between 12 noon – 10pm