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Vox Singing Academy Clauses

  • Strictly no refunds are given for any classes, lessons or tuition
  • Gift Vouchers must be redeemed within 12 months or no refunds given.
  • Sibling discounts; all siblings must be full brothers or sisters to qualify for the sibling discount.
  • Sibling discount only applies and is given to parents of the siblings. Not the siblings themselves.
  • Strictly 24 hours verbal or email notice to your teacher is required for cancellation of a lesson, or full lesson payment will apply.
  • Unauthorised duplication or reproduction in any way, shape or form by students or any other persons, of scales, flyers, handouts, techniques, recordings, verbal examples or conversations provided to you in lessons by Vox Singing Academy is prohibited and a breach of copyright. All rights reserved.
  • Vox Singing Academy and its teachers will not be liable or responsible for any vocal related damage or other physical injuries by any person or student, whether at our studios or any private location.
  • Payment must be received 48 hours after reservation.
  • We only accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Direct Deposit and Credit Card payments.
  • Cash payments are not accepted.
  • All credit card payments will incur additional surcharge.

Vox Singing Academy is continually trying to innovate and improve customer service and satisfaction to provide the best singing tuition and service money can buy. Any feedback or comments that will improve our services are much appreciated.
For ALL service difficulties,complaints, comments and feedback please ring (03) 9798 7334 or E-mail

Flexible Payment Options

Obligations undertaking our flexible payment option.  Your obligations undertaking this agreement are: –

  1. Notify us of any changes to your credit card information (eg: expiry date) within 5 business days of the next pre-authorised payment.
  2. In case of a dishonoured or late payment, a $10 processing fee will apply.
  3. Our minimum tuition term for this arrangement are only 5 week or 9 + 1 free term packages.
  4. You are required to honour your chosen term if you wish to undertake flexible payment option.
  5. Our cancellation policy does not apply if you wish to undertake this agreement.
  6. Early Termination Charge (ETC) if you wish to cancel agreement.

If you would like to know more information about our terms and conditions, please call us on 1300 183 732.