Private & Online Lessons. Improve Confidence, Range, Breathing, Pitch, Tone, Stamina, Strength, Technique, Control, Stage Presentation & Much More!
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Vox singing academy has seven studios conveniently located around Melbourne at Brunswick, St Kilda, Carnegie, Moorabbin, Dandenong, Bayswater, and Melbourne CBD.
Offering online singing lessons around the world. Group singing lessons. Intensive vocal training.


Vox Singing Academy‘s private singing tuition, vocal coaching and tailored lesson plans will cover the following activities, exercises and foundations to improve your voice and help you become the very best singer possible.

Your Songs

During your lessons you and your teacher will work through and meticulously break down songs of the student’s choice. Our singing teachers will apply the techniques that you learn from your customised vocal scales directly into your songs.

The teacher will provide you with detailed instruction and notes on your lyrical sheet for the desired song you are singing, so you can follow our teachers instruction to practice correctly at home. At the teachers request, you will be required to bring your song choice back the following week to be reviewed by the teacher.  This is where you will hopefully see improvement and sing to the best of your ability after reviewing the instruction and notes documented on your lyric sheet.

Your teacher will look out for opportunities to improve your voice and will continue to coach you through the process of continual vocal improvement.  We can help you work on any cover songs, original songs and compositions during your singing lessons. The choice is yours!

 Your Scales Workout

As a part of our vocal coaching and training, scales are essential part of improving and strengthening your voice and vocal skills.  At VSA we have carefully tested and developed thousands of original scales that we guarantee will improve your voice. We understand that a one size fits all approach does not work as very singer is an individual and ever singer is at a different skill level. We do not use generic scales nor do we give the same scales to every student. Each singer and musical genre requires a different approach as does every voice.  And as you improve your teachers will provide more difficult scales to ensure that you continually improving and challenge yourself.

We pride ourselves on understanding what it is each individual singer requires and tailoring our lessons plans to your vocal ability, requirements, genre of music and personal needs. 

All scales are customised and tailored for every students personal needs, range, ability and music genre.

You will also learn pitch and ear training development exercises to ensure you are singing the right notes all the time. We will correctly guide your mouth and tongue  placements of all five primary vowels – this will ensure you get the very best sounds with correct articulation, pronunciation and diction when you sing.

All scales are customised and tailored for every students personal needs, range, ability and music genre.


Correct Breathing

VSA’s Singing Training Breathing for singersCorrect diaphragmatic support and breathing exercises will be given to all students. Your diaphragm is the engine room when singing. All your power, strength, projection, holding, support, vibrato, stamina and control ALL comes with proper diaphragmatic support and breathing. At Vox Singing Academy will teach you how to correctly use your diaphragm for maximum vocal benefit.

We will also work on V.B.C. (Vocal Breath Control) which is an advanced breathing technique invented by owner and director Peter Vox himself. As you learn how to breathe properly through the diaphragm and abdominal area (The ‘V’ in the ribs), this breathing technique will enable you to control your vocal power as well as give you vocal strength and stamina to fully support every note you sing.

Breathing is a very important and essential part of becoming a great singer. If you use too much air your voice will sound thin and airy. If you don’t use enough air you will not be able to support the note at the right pitch, and you will fall off the note and sound flat.


Regular Student Concerts

Vox Singing Academy’s online and live at venue student concerts are a great way to hone your skills and to show off what you have worked so hard to achieve! You will also gain invaluable stage experience.  Our regular student concerts are held every 4 to 8 weeks. It provides students a chance to perform and sing on a professional stage, with professional sound, lighting and gain valuable experience performing in front of a crowd.
As they say “Experience is worth its weight in gold”.

Our singing teachers will also teach the following important topics:

  • Proper microphone technique
  • Stage presentation
  • Crowd engagement and interaction
  • Songwriting and composition
  • Pre-production, brainstorming and share ideas on building songs prior to recording
  • Harmonising

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