ELECTRIC MARY - Shock Records/Big Records

Electric Mary are Australia's last great hope for the title of 'Killer Blues-ish Hard Rock Band'. They carry on a lineage which began with the melding of blues structures to rock energy in the late '60s and early '70s and which has continued through artists like Whitesnake, Badlands, Mr. Big and Richie Kotzen. Soulful vocals, monster grooves that the dudes can headbang to and the chicks can dance to (or vice versa, really), and killer guitar work.


Buried In Verona
Buried In Verona

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, metalcore band Buried in Verona draw from all corners of the modern metal world to create their intense and emotional sound. With nods to the shuddering guitars and violent imagery of deathcore, post-hardcore's soaring clean choruses, electronicore's production flourishes, and straight-ahead metalcore's riff-driven intensity, the band pulls these elements together into a sound that feels surprisingly substantial given its breadth of influences. While the band has gone through quite a few lineup changes since forming in 2007, Buried in Verona have consistently approached their form as ambassadors of aggression, bringing heaviness everywhere they go. Buried in Verona made their debut in 2008 with Circle the Dead, following up with Saturday Night Sever in 2010. Their third album, Notorious, arrived on Artery Records in 2012 and reached number 20 on the ARIA chart. Faceless, recorded in Michigan with Joey Sturgis (the Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, blessthefall), was released in 2014 and debuted at number 15. It was longlisted for the tenth Australian Music Prize (AMP).

DAMNATION'S DAY/ Sensory Records

Founded by brothers Mark Kennedy, Vox Singing Academy student (guitar and vocals) and Dean Kennedy (drums), accompanied by Jon King (Lead guitar) Damnations Day released their debut album “Invisible, the Dead” to amazing reviews.


 Off the release of "Invisible, the Dead" 2013, (released with NIGHTMARE records, Now Signed to Sensory Records), Damnations Day have been working hard, supporting such bands as NIGHTWISH, SYBREED, PSYCROPTIC, BLACK MAJESTY, WIDOW, TERAMAZE, PEGAZUS, VANISHING POINT, KING PARROT, SOILWORK, BATTLE BEAST, SALAMANDRA, CIRCLE II CIRCLE and HELLOWEEN as well as headlining shows and appearing in Australian Metal festivals such as Steel Assassins NSW and Stormrider Festival WA.

In September 2014 Damnations Day joined ACCEPT on the Scandinavian and European leg of their BLIND RAGE TOUR. This amazing opportunity allowed DDAY to expose them selves to 28, sold-out shows in front of 1000-3000 people a night playing in legendary venues!

Damnations Day learnt a lot from their live shows and tours, and are determined to greater define their sound. Although showing versatility over different styles, playing on the bigger stage has refined the direction of their music combining the maturity and knowledge gained through the experiences of touring and time.

DDAY remain determined as ever to bring mature, professional, and honest music that is not directly covered by just one genre as well as bringing an energetic and powerful atmosphere to their live performance.

2015 was a year full of writing, and now final touches are now completed to DDAY's 2nd album released 2017.

Teaming up with new Label, Sensory Records, Titled “A World Awakens”, DDAYS second release promises to maintain the raw energy, power and integrity of their debut release ‘Invisible the Dead’, while showcasing the bands growth in maturity, honesty and depth of both their musicianship and songwriting. Not leaning to just one genre or direction, “A World Awakens” is an album that will have your undivided attention on first listen, only to pull you in further and further more on repeat.

2017 threatens to be a massive year for Damnation's Day with a World to plan for the late 2017. Catch them at a venue near you!!

MALLRAT - Netterk Records

Mallrat aka Grace Shaw is a Vox singing Academy student and an up-and-coming hip-hop/dance/electronic star from Brisbane, Australia. She has one critically acclaimed EP out title “Uninvited”. She is a guest vocalist and songwriter on two songs on Allday's new album “Speeding”
Look out for big things to come from Mallrat in the very near future.
Check her out on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/lilmallrat/


The Vasco Era

THE VASCO ERA - Warner Music

The Vasco Era
The Vasco Era

The Vasco Era is an Australian three piece rock/blues band based in Melbourne, Australia.

Originally from Apollo Bay, but now based in Melbourne, the band's members are brothers Sid (vocals, guitar, lapsteel, rototoms) and Ted (bass) O'Neil and Michael Fitzgerald (drums). In 2004 the band won the Australian National Campus Band Competition, the largest band competition in the southern hemisphere.

In 2006, The Vasco Era supported Wolfmother at The Astoria in London and played major festivals in Australia including Southbound, the East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival, The Great Escape, Groovin' The Moo, the Apollo Bay Music Festival and the Falls Festival. Also in 2006, the band flew to San Francisco to record their debut album with producer Jeff Saltzman. The first single from the album, When We All Lost It was released to radio on 29 October 2006. Their debut album "Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" was released on 5 May 2007. It was also nominated for the 2007 J Award for Australian album of the year on Australian youth independent radio station Triple J. A second album, Lucille was released in early 2010. A self-titled third album was released on 14 October 2011.

Paris Wells

PARIS WELLS - Hall Or Nothing/Illusive Records

Paris Wells
Paris Wells

Paris Wells is an Australian singer songwriter based in Melbourne. She has released two albums and one EP. Wells has played at festivals such as Falls Festival, Big Day Out, Meredith and Sydney Music Festival. She has supported Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart and Jamie Lidell on tour.

Wells was a Fairfax employee working in the advertising sales department, when she started performing tiny underground gigs with DJ friends in Melbourne.

Her early gigs at local bars consisted mostly "toasting" over funk breaks, but after forming a creative partnership with Ryan Ritchie (aka RHyNO), a songwriter and artist with group True Live,she released her debut EP of her own material, Mum Hasn't Slept Yet, with label Illusive Sounds. Wells was then offered slots on the festival circuit, playing the Meredith Music Festival, Falls Festival and the Sydney festivals.

TRUE LIVE - Capitol Records/Illusive Records

True Live
True Live

True Live is an Australian band formed in Melbourne, Australia. They had chart success with "TV" reaching #76 on the ARIA Single Chart and The Shape Of It reaching #85 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The group received regular play on radio and television and were chosen to perform at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. The groups early recordings contained strong ties to hip hop but in 2011 have made a significant turn toward rock and classical leanings.

KISSTROYER - Australia’s Hottest KISS Tribute Show

Alright Australia ! You wanted the best… You got the Best… The hottest band in the world…. KISS !!!
Vox Singing Academy has taught all of the members from Australia's hottest Kiss tribute band. Some members have gone onto achieve success in your own original bands. Check out Ablaze, a great hard rock band featuring Danny Slaviero (Gene Simmons) on Lead vocals.

DREAMs 7 Star Gentlemen’s Club, Gibson Guitars, Pearl Drums Ziljian Cymbals and BASSON Cabinets proudly Present KISSTROYER, Australia’s Hottest KISS Tribute Show.

16 years of age KISSTROYER’s list of achievements is ever growing.

*Raised in excess of $20,000 in ROCK FOR KIDS for the STARLIGHT FOUNDATION in May 2007
*Performed live for PAUL STANLEY and the ROCKSTAR band on Paul Stanley’s solo tour,
to rave reviews and a SOLD OUT show
*Live unplugged National Radio performance on Triple M’s “She Bang”
*Two live National performances on Channel 10s GMA with Bert Newton
Front cover, four page spread and story in the nationally distributed PICTURE magazine
*Appeared on Channel 9s 1 v 100 with Eddie McGuire as special guests
*Sold out shows and tours nationally for the past 6 years
*Live performance on Triple Ms Pete & Myf Show and host of “The Pete & Myf Celebrity Look Alike Competition

Not a bad days work for a group of guys who just love what they do.
KISSTROYER started in 2001, formed by two brothers Andrew and Stephen Kyriacou.

On a staple diet of steady shows and more media attention than most tribute shows could ever hope for, KISSTROYER has grown into the largest touring Tribute Act in the country.

Testament to this is the much talked about stage show. Two eras of authentic KISS costumes, over 15 authentic KISS guitars, a massive functional light up KISS logo and stairs, and all the blood spitting, fire breathing, guitar smashing and smoking mayhem that has bought fame to the KISS name over the past 30 years.


The show is so accurate musically and theatrically that it even drew praise from “KISS great” Paul Stanley and his ROCKSTAR Band on a recent tour. Bruce Kulick gave the show the two thumbs up and seal of authenticity. The band has also been heralded in INPRESS for their great ability to not only recreate the sound and emulate the mannerism of KISS,
but to also recreate the experience !
KISSTROYER I'll be closest thing to Kiss that you will ever experience!! Check them out a venue new you!

“If you want a little Rock’n’Roll… All you got to do is… SHOUT IT OUT LOUD !!!
Visit www.kisstroyer.com for more information.

King Cannons

KING CANNONS - EMI/Capitol Records

King Cannons
King Cannons

King Cannons are from Melbourne, Australia. Their frontman Luke Yeoward began his musical quest in his early teens and his origins are very narrative.

In his earlier days, Luke was was previously in a punk band called Suicide Dogs but left.  He decided to move out to the country to work in a rural timber mill and worked 12 hour shifts.

In 2012, the King Cannons release their debut album, The Brightest Light. They came back totally electrified after the six band members fought poverty and hardship to stay together.

The King Cannons Official Home Page


ALPHA WOLF - Greyscale Records/Cooking Vinyl

The beginnings of any band will start with a teething period that can last for a few releases, but after dropping their latest single “Nail Biter” which has clocked up over 40,000 views on YouTube & pushing past 25,000 streams on Spotify, and now with the release of #104, it’s safe to say Alpha Wolf’s teething period has come to an end. The Melbourne 5 piece has worked tirelessly to create something inherently familiar, yet at the same time unashamedly different. Taking the heavy riffs of their downbeat and deathcore contemporaries, mixing that with the groove of the current wave of nu-metal bands, and adding a melody that completely their own; Alpha Wolf are carving out their own place in the Australian heavy scene.

The band is also the latest addition to the roster of Greyscale Records. Label Manager Joshua Merriel states on the signing “It takes a special kind of band to make a collision of genres sound so seamless, but Alpha Wolf have managed to do just that. We’re so excited to see what the future holds for Alpha Wolf, and honoured to be a part of it.” Sentiments echoed by Sabian Lynch of Alpha Wolf “Signing to Greyscale has been one of those defining moments in our musical careers that we couldn’t have dreamed of happening this time last year or ever. Having people such as Ash and Josh backing our music is the greatest feeling and we are very excited for our future teamed with Greyscale.”


Alpha Wolf consists of Vox Singing Academy student John Arnold on Vocals and Bass guitar. They hit a slight hurdle and had to cut short their national tour to support their first full length album “Mono”. They unfortunately had to pull out of Download Festival Australia 2018.They have released one EP and one full-length album. Their debut album Mono was released on 14 July 2017 to critical acclaim and had reached #29 on the ARIA Albums Chart during its first week of release. Look out for better and bigger things from to happen for/from Alpha Wolf in the very near future!!


DREADNAUGHT - EMI/Capitol Records/Shock Records


Dreadnaught is a heavy metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The group was formed out of the remnants of some Tasmanian bands including Fridge from Launceston who recorded an album in 1994.

The band recorded a single titled "Flowers" in 1995 that was released on cassette by Melbourne label Subversive. The following year the full-length album Body.Blood.Skin.Mind saw release on Deported. This album displayed a combination of dark, introspective rock and melodic, progressive thrash metal.


ANNIHILIST- Shock Records/ Truth Ink R.M.T

Annihilist are a metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Their debut EP ‘Vol. 1’, released in Nov 2015, blurs the lines between European melodic death metal and the new wave of American heavy metal all tied together with a progressive style of songwriting. Live performances are a vital aspect to Annihilist, the overly charismatic VSA student Harry Pendock always turning heads at shows with his amazing vocal abilities and theatrical behaviour, adding a much needed element of fun to what is all too often perceived as a serious genre.

Guitarist’s Miki Simankevicius and Josh Voce both impress audiences with their technical prowess, Miki with the fast Alexi Laiho esque shredding solos and Josh’s style focusing more on bends and vibrato. Bassist Toby Peterson–Stewart proves his abilities with technical sweeps and melodic flourishes complementing every guitar part on ‘Vol. 1’. Whilst James Sayers drumming is nothing short of incredible, his razor-sharp sense of rhythm and twelve-arm sounding drum fills create the foundation of the Annihilist sound.

Two music videos for ‘Vol. 1’, ‘Solace In Suffering’ and ‘Embers’ have so far been released, both shot and directed by Annihilist’s own guitarist Miki Simankevicius. The videos are a glimpse into the bands live show in a desolate setting of swamps and decayed flora. The last 18 months have seen Annihilist perform all over Victoria alongside some of Australia’s elite metal acts including Hollow World, Boris The Blade, Chronolyth, Whoretopsy, The Hazard Circular and Ruins. The next 18 months for Annihilist include further shows interstate with plans for a second release in 2017 and hopes to take their music overseas.

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