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LAURA WILDE - Shock Records

laura wilde
laura wilde
Laura Wilde is a spiritually-conscious, environmentally-aware singer/songwriter and award-winning multi-instrumentalist with amazing guitar/ songwriting and vocal ability.

Driven by her obsessive love of music, Laura has penned over 100 songs and played 100’s of shows internationally and in her home country Australia. Her past fascination for old-style blues and rock music resulted in her being invited to open for such artists as diverse as Fuel, Shinedown, Black Sabbath and Ted Nugent. She was even invited to play a private acoustic show for the Saudi Arabian Royal family.

Originally from Melbourne Australia, her talent on both guitar and bass quickly made Laura a heavily sought after musician which led her to work with a who’s who of Australian artists. She also worked for a time as a presenter on Beat TV as well as being part of the house band of Australia’s Got Talent which brought her much recognition for her amazing guitar and vocal ability.

At 20, Laura moved to Los Angeles, and began work on her rock album, Sold My Soul, which she released in 2012. Laura then promptly set off on 3 national USA tours and played over 150 tour dates within two years. Here Laura received many accolades and rave reviews whilst playing arenas, theaters and clubs across America. 2013 closed with Laura also being invited on a tour of the UK where she was as warmly embraced across the pond as she was in the USA.
During this time, Laura also earned the title of ‘Best New Female Artist’ and was honored at the ‘Vegas Rocks Music Awards 2013’ with the legendary Zakk Wylde and DJ Ashba.

After years spent traveling the US and UK, writing with a variety of artists and months in the studio alone honing her skills, Laura is excited to share the fruits of her labor. Her relentless quest to find a modern sound that she could call her own has been the catalyst for her evolution into a bona-fide songwriter and master of her craft.
Laura is the complete package with the voice, the guitar chops and the X factor to propel her into music stardom. Look out for Laura's amazing talents coming to stage in your country shortly!!




SUPERHEIST - Shock Records


Superheist was an Australian nu metal band that attained a significant degree of success with a string of EPs and singles and two full-length albums that charted in the Top 40 before suddenly disbanding in 2004.

The group was formed in Melbourne in 1993 with a line-up of guitarist DW Norton, vocalist Roderick McLeod, bassist Adam Donath and Sean Pentecost on drums. The "Apocalypse" demo shows them as a grindcore band in the Napalm Death mould. They went on to feature at the annual Metal for the Brain festival in 1995 and 1996, losing Pentecost along the way.

Superheist were signed to Melbourne's Shock Records for release on its subsidiary label Shagpile and recorded the EP "Chrome Matrix" in early 1997 with Aaren Suttil (1974–2006) from Dreadnaught providing drums. This EP showed a stark shift in musical direction from grindcore and toward a clearly commercial, melodic sound styled after the increasingly influential nu metal school. Shortly before its release, Donath was injured in an industrial accident that almost severed his hand. Nevertheless, he was able to remain with the band while they searched for a replacement. Pentecost rejoined and Superheist played some shows on the east coast with Non-Intentional Lifeform, another early Australian nu metal band that was signed to Roadrunner Records and was attracting some mainstream interest. Late in the year Donath was replaced by Simon Durrant, from the Adelaide-based industrial death metal band In:Extremis. This group had released two EPs, the latter of which, "Hybrid Scarifier", had appeared shortly before the band ended midway through 1997.


FRANKENBOK - Roadrunner/Dark Carnival/Faultline Records


Frankenbok were founded in 1997 by guitarist Aaron Butler and vocalist Adam 'Hutch' Glynn.  They have released three full-length albums and one EP. The band has toured Australia on numerous occasions, building a strong cult following in their homeland. They are a heavy metal band from Melbourne, Australia.

The band is currently signed to Perth-based record label Prime Cuts. Their line up consist of Aaron Butler (guitar), Tim Miedecke (bass and backing vocals), Mick Morley (drums), Dan McDougall (vocals) and Nathan 'Yeti' Amatnieks (guitar).







Invertigo, is a four-piece pop/rock group from Australia. Its members were Christian Argenti as well as brothers Gerry Leigh , James Leigh and Vince Leigh (the latter two of which were former members of Pseudo Echo).

Originally formed as Vertigo in 1996. The band released their single “Forever Lately” in 1997 and the single became Australian radio hit. The Vertigo lineup consisted of lead singer Hugh Wilson as well as the three Leigh brothers.

After the lead singer Hugh Wilson departed, the three Leigh brothers found vocalist Christian Argenti and reformed the group under a different name, Invertigo in 2000. In June 2000, the band released single “Desensitised”, which signalled their return to the charts. In 2001 they released another single, “Chances Are”, in February 2001, and soon after, their debut album Forum in July.





The Living End
The Living End

The Living End is a rock n roll trio from Melbourne, Australia. They formed in 1994 and consist of band members Chris Cheney (vocals, guitar), Scott Owen (double bass, vocals) and Andy Strachan (drums). They rose to fame in the late 1990s with their double A-side single, Second Solution / Prisoner of Society.

The Living End have released six studio albums and one singles compilation in Australia. They have also gained notable success in the United States and Europe.

They have always forged their own path with their music which creates social conscience and mosh pit stamina. The experience always flawlessly executed. It’s this attitude that’s earned the band four platinum and one gold albums.


EARTH - Shock Records


Earth formed in Melbourne in the early 90s and for most of that decade and the early 00s was one of the mainstays of the scene. Heavily influenced by the melodic death metal style of Gothenburg, Sweden, Earth became popular as one of the first (and, for some time, one of the only) Australian bands experimenting with the style. Their early demo sold out of several pressings.

Star Condemn'd was recorded in 1998 but remained unreleased until mid-2000. Their label-seeking efforts initially paid off in mid 1999 when they were picked up by Swedish label Iron Fist, although the association didn't last and the debut album was further delayed. Meanwhile, Birge played in Damaged for several months between late 1998 to early 1999, and Mollica was also a member of Engraved and a guitarist with Abramelin as well as featuring in several other Melbourne bands at various times.

Bassist Dan seriously injured his hand on the eve of Earth's first appearance at the 1999 Metal for the Brain festival and the band played the show without a bass player. By then Earth had become strongly established as one of Australia’s best metal talents, with a killer live reputation. Birge left Earth for personal reasons in 2001 after the recording of The Bleeding Fields. He was replaced in December 2001 by Terry Vainoras from Order of Chaos. Ben Kornov joined Earth in 2002.

The second album showed a different side of Earth’s sound, leaning more toward a heavy death rock style similar to Entombed. 2002 was meant to be the year that Earth would concentrate their efforts on Europe, however further upheaval took place in the line-up when Hird left due to pregnancy and Withoos also moved on. Withoos joined Atomizer briefly and then formed Darkest Dawn, which also featured Stirling on bass for a while.

In mid-2004, Earth announced it would be coming to an end after a series of farewell shows for which they were rejoined by Brendan Birge; however after what was mooted as the band’s final appearance at the 2005 Metal for the Brain festival, Earth then recanted its decision to split. With Sarah Lim from Eletrik Dynamite joining in the meantime, the band has continued to be active and during 2006 supported Dismember. A third album was planned for 2007 but did not appear for two years. In July 2008 Earth once again supported Dismember on a national tour. The band's album Fear of Tomorrow was recorded in late 2008 and released in September 2009, with Sarah Jezebel Diva doing guest vocals on one track. Brendan Birge left Earth a second time during 2010 and was immediately replaced by Dave Leight from Embodied.




JERICCO - Shock Records


Jericco bring to the table in this overcrowded alternative-rock scene that has taken root in Australia is the dark, moody Middle Eastern flavours inherent in their music. This was present even before Fetah (who’s Palestinian) joined the band, with Isreali-born bassist Roy Amar already exerting his mid-Eastern influence over the band’s music. With the addition of Fetah’s keyboard textures and vocals, the sound was set, and he agrees that this was a major factor in the chemistry that the band have, both personally and musically.

Melbourne X-Factor Auditions 2013

Hi Guys,

The X-Factor Audition Tour will touch down in Melbourne on JANUARY 12 - 14, 2013 at Caulfield Racecourse.  If you would like more information in preparation for this, please read our how to audition for X-Factor article.  This article will give you a detailed run down on how to prepare yourself for the auditions.



the deadthings

THE DEAD THINGS - Blastzone Entertainment

the deadthings
the deadthings

The Deadthings - Formed 2002 in the inner city of Melbourne, Australia on the sleazy streets of St.Kilda by Frontman Jules " Mephisto" Millis (Tigertailz / White Widdow) and Rhythm Guitarist Leigh Van Hell (Ex Voodoo Lovecats) and completed with Dave Scythe on Lead Guitar & Trent "Trash" Wilson (White Widdow) on Bass. The Deadthings play a twisted and grim version of glam and sleaze rock.

The Deadthings released their independant EP "When Hell Sleazes Over" in 2004, it was then followed in 2005 with the debut full length album "Who Killed Holly Would?". in 2006 The Deadthings signed with Blastzone Entertainment and in 2007 released their sophmore album "Dead Over Heels"


Dead City Ruins

Dead City Ruins

Dead City Ruins
Dead City Ruins

Dead City Ruins have been carving their own path in the world of Hard rock. With the help from Rick Butterworth of Third Verse Entertainment, they have signed an international record deal with German metal/rock label MetalvilleRecords Europe!!

Starting out in London England and making their way home to Australia whilst playing as many down trodden, hole in the wall pubs and clubs as one band can fit into a seven day week. Splicing the musicianship of 70's and 80's metal and the soul catching riffs of bluesy rock with the intensity and "f*ck ‘em all" attitude of punk rock, Dead City Ruins have left crowds from London (ENG) to Melbourne (AU) reeling for more and asking themselves where the hell this band came from. To date the band has released one E.P "Lost in London" (2007) and just recently released their debut album "MIDNIGHT KILLER" (2011) which has been receiving rave reviews online and regular airplay on local radio. Throughout August to November 2011, Dead City Ruins completed their first UK & European tour, playing 50 dates across 10 countries, finishing off the tour at an international music festival in Dubai. Dead City Ruins is a working class hard rock band fueled by what life throws at them from good times, bad times, disappointments, achievements and life in the cruel city!

Wrapping up the year 2012

Hi Everyone!

First and foremost I would like to thank all of our students, both past and present. Without our students, Vox singing Academy wouldn't be where it is today. Our students enable our teaching staff and management to be further involved in the music industry and engage in an occupation we all thoroughly love!

I especially want to thank my dedicated team of singing teachers Ryan, Bec, James, Mitch, Troy, Teena and Tom for their tireless pursuit in constantly providing our students with the greatest vocal coaching and tuition in Australia.

My 2IC and Marketing Manager Kevin, our administration staff Nicky and Tracey, and our advertising street team Vicki and Raffski. You are all appreciated and an integral part of the Vox Singing Academy family. Without you all, the best quality singing tuition and success cannot happen! Thank you team!

Thank you to Brendan Moloney (Toll Global Forwarding) and Paul Marini (Bentleys Accounting) for your business mentoring, guidance and inspiration. Our team at the IT Department Victor and Damian; love your work guys keep it up, and our Audio/Visual Producer and Production Manager Omar (MelkiMedia).

I’d also like to sincerely thank my family and friends for the never ending love and support. Mum, dad and my best friend Andrew Corlett.

 Last but not least, the two most important people in the world, whose unconditional love is an inspiration and nurtures my soul, my two daughters Indianna and Tyla. I love you both more than life itself.

Thank you to everyone else that I have had the pleasure of coming into contact with in this fantastic industry over the past 19 years and enabling me to live a fantastic life and engaged in occupation I am truly love and passionate about.

If I have forgotten anyone, I’m sorry but you guys know who you are!

Personally, I’m off to Mexico and Central America after Christmas for one month, to recharge to have a SUPER 2013. As we have so many exciting projects in the pipeline for Vox Singing Academy that we will be released next year!! I'm extremely excited and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

 I wish you all a fantastic Christmas, happiness and joy! I hope 2013 will be everything you dreamt for and more!

I will leave you with one of my favourite inspirational quotes from the author Napoleon Hill that I have slightly arranged.

"What the mind of a person can conceive, that person can achieve!"

Thank you, much Respect and love, Peter Vox.

Peter Vox
Peter Vox


Learning how to sing

So you want to learn how to sing and you're hoping to get some extra tips?  Well you've come to the right place because at Vox Singing Academy we believe “if you can walk you can dance and if you can talk you can sing!"

If you haven't had singing lessons before or have had any other form of vocal training or coaching then keep on reading.  This article will give you some ideas on what we’re all about.  In our view, no matter if you have had some experience with singing, whether it is amateur or professional level, we strongly recommend that your technique is right from the very start. As singers or performers, it’s a great way you lay a good foundation and evolve for your continued singing and vocal progress.

“You can't build a fantastic building or structure on poor or weak foundations and this goes for singing as well.”

Sometimes we have to go back to the basics.  Your voice is an instrument and therefore it is crucial as a singer and performer that you have vocal stamina.  Your voice needs to be strong in order to sing the higher or lower notes, correct breathing control and support, understanding how to transition from “True Voice” and the “Falsetto”.

During your evolution and process of learning how to sing better, is the ability to sing with confidence and emotion.  Ensure your song delivery and stage presentation connects with the audience.  Feel the music and don't be afraid to show your emotions.

Learning how to sing better with proper technique is not rocket science, however it does take dedication. For more guidance on your vocal journey, please consider the following: -

1. Please come to terms and embrace the tone and sound of your own voice. Accept the natural range of your voice, or in other words, how low and high your voice can go, for now.  We say for now because there are ways to enhance your vocal range and not to brag, we’re great at it.  However it’s important that you remain patient as everyone’s voice and vocal range is different.

"It’s like our fingerprints, they are all unique, beautiful and different."

2. To the best of your natural ability, you need to try to focus on singing the right notes or singing in key and pitch. The reality is, anyone listening to you sing would rather hear you sing a song in key than out of key.  One of the main points of scale practice is to improve your ear and musicianship.

3. People out there tend to like particular songs or artists, but just while you’re starting out, make sure that the 1st few songs you sing are songs that are comfortable for you to sing in your natural range.

Do not do songs that are too high or too low for you! No pulling faces, sounding like someone else, straining or hurting your voice.

4. Don't be too hard on yourself if you make a few mistakes or are not progressing as fast as you would like. Life is a marathon not a sprint. Have some fun and do the best you can. Remember, practice makes perfect. So the more quality practice you do, the quicker you will improve.

learning how to sing better
A student learning how to sing better and properly with Peter Vox.

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