Buried In Verona
Buried In Verona

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, metalcore band Buried in Verona draw from all corners of the modern metal world to create their intense and emotional sound. With nods to the shuddering guitars and violent imagery of deathcore, post-hardcore's soaring clean choruses, electronicore's production flourishes, and straight-ahead metalcore's riff-driven intensity, the band pulls these elements together into a sound that feels surprisingly substantial given its breadth of influences. While the band has gone through quite a few lineup changes since forming in 2007, Buried in Verona have consistently approached their form as ambassadors of aggression, bringing heaviness everywhere they go. Buried in Verona made their debut in 2008 with Circle the Dead, following up with Saturday Night Sever in 2010. Their third album, Notorious, arrived on Artery Records in 2012 and reached number 20 on the ARIA chart. Faceless, recorded in Michigan with Joey Sturgis (the Devil Wears Prada, Asking Alexandria, blessthefall), was released in 2014 and debuted at number 15. It was longlisted for the tenth Australian Music Prize (AMP).

ELECTRIC MARY - Shock Records/Big Records

Electric Mary are Australia's last great hope for the title of 'Killer Blues-ish Hard Rock Band'. They carry on a lineage which began with the melding of blues structures to rock energy in the late '60s and early '70s and which has continued through artists like Whitesnake, Badlands, Mr. Big and Richie Kotzen. Soulful vocals, monster grooves that the dudes can headbang to and the chicks can dance to (or vice versa, really), and killer guitar work.


MASSIVE - Earache/ Roadrunner records

Massive Band

MASSIVE have arrived! The 4 piece band formed to make some of the ballsiest rock n roll Melbourne and the world will hear. Influenced by Guns and Roses, ACDC and Motley Crue the band dominate every punter that steps inside a venue. MASSIVE is not just a name, it defines everything the band are about. They are louder, faster, and they won’t take no for answer. MASSIVE will hit you hard and leave you begging for more. The band formed when ex Fastrack frontman Brad Marr joined forces with ex Deep End drummer Jarrod Medwin. Their mission was to create rock n roll in a new light. Not to sound like a carbon copy of an 80s band. What they achieved was high energy modern riff rock with soaring vocals and gut busting solos. Brothers Ben and Aaron Laguda completed the line up and the band quickly booked a tour most bands would envy for. 2013 see's the band tour Every state and territory in OZ following the Miss Ink Australia Tattoo, burlesque and rock n roll conventions promoting their debut album "Full Throttle" Strap yourselves in because MASSIVE are going to blow your head off!


Melbourne up and comers Thornhill are currently one of the Australian heavy music scene’s new breed of bands coming through right now. But this Victorian quintet isn’t just gaining traction solely through the tokenistic nature of their youth or their band’s overall short lifespan. Rather, and much more importantly, it’s because of the strong quality of music the band releases. Such as their latest, banging single ‘Temperer’. Since that song’s release in March, and with their 2016 debut EP behind them and a sweet new single set to drop soon, the Eastern suburbs heavy outfit are indeed making waves in the Melbourne area. Now, while those waves are small, they’re only growing in size with each new release Thornhill unveil and each new show the group smashes out. Thornhill's lead singer Jacob Charlton is currently a Vox singing Academy student. Thornhill has supported Australia's post-hard-core giants (and also Vox singing Academy student Marcus Bridge) Northlane on there National/World Mesmer Tour.

Look out for massive things from Jacob and Thornhill in the very near future!
Simply put, In 2017, Thornhill are a band to watch, no doubt.


THORNHILL Proudly Added To The VSA Wall Of Fame!

Vocal warm ups and muscle stretching

Vocal Warm Ups and Muscle Stretching
Vocal Warm Ups and Muscle Stretching


Singers at every level should do some mild stretching of the muscles and limbering the body before any practice of vocal scales or rehearsals.
Warm ups should consist of some light stretching of every major muscle, the abdominal, core muscles and loosening up the neck and shoulder area.  As you are warming up, listen to some music to get your mind into focus.  This will get you into the groove of things on what you're about to do and set out to accomplish before working on your vocal chords.

Try to keep your practicing of scales between 15 to 50 minutes per day.  For those who are practicing twice a day, then reduce practicing of scales between 15 to 30 minutes per day.  Please don't push yourself too hard.

If you start to feel exhausted or fatigue, take a break and come back to it.  Try to practise this at least 5 to 6 times a week.  You should drastically see improvement with your vocal abilities.

It is extremely important for singers and vocalist to have one day off to rest vocal chords. Always try to keep your energy levels up to stay motivated and dedicated to rehearsal times.  Mix up your scales work avoid getting bored and always stay disciplined.

Try not to sing especially after you've just woken up as well. The throat will still be groggy and covered with phlegm and it's not good for the vocal chords. Wait at least 1 to 2 hours if you want to rehearse. Please protect your voice as much as possible and avoid eating heavy meals beforehand.

Remember when practising that it's about quality not quantity!

Dead Letter Circus Concert

Looks like the boys at Dead Letter Circus are at it again with their next tour.  These boys really know how to put on a great show. You wouldn't want to miss this!

Tickets are now on sale at http://deadlettercircus.oztix.com.au/

Dead Letter Circus Concert
Dead Letter Circus Concert


Selecting songs for auditions

What songs do I select for my audition?

If you are at advance level in your musicianship, you should be by now trying to pick songs that are vocally challenging for both higher and lower range of your voice.  Try to pick songs which contain falsetto, light and shade variances, a bit of husk or distortion or songs you know that are going to be challenging and push you to new heights.  Most importantly, pick songs you enjoy singing.

If you are going for an audition, or under going a performance examination, the three main points to look out for are the following: -

1. The most important thing and cardinal rule when singing, not just for your examinations but anywhere and everywhere is PITCH. You have to be in key all the time once you have reached this level.

2. Light and shade or volume variances with in the song.

3. Your skills must be polished and you need to take the song to the next level.

For Example: Adding cries, trills, phrasing, interpretation, singing with passion and feeling, articulation; pronunciation and diction by going to the right vowel mouth placements, control, breath support, rests, pauses and holds.

LIVE & Unsigned Competition Auditions

Proud sponsors of the LIVE & UNSIGNED Competition 2013


Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is where it gets REAL!  If you're OVER 18, writing your own material, want to be heard, have performed various times at other venues or at our student concerts and need a stepping stone to the next level in this industry? Then keep reading....

We are proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the LIVE & UNSIGNED competition at Robarta, St Kilda and the WINNER takes ALL! It takes REAL dedication to be involved in this event and this ain't your average competition.

Yeah, we're only being serious!!!

You can choose to perform covers or originals with either backing tracks, acoustic or LIVE band accompaniment, the stage is yours!!!  But it doesn't only end there, students who wish to take part in this event will have to go through an auditioning process, judges will be people within  the music industry (both artists, producers and managers) and YOU NEVER KNOW WHO'S WATCHING! (hint hint)

First prize winner gets to take home $1000 CASH, YAMAHA 8 CHANNEL MIXER and a FREE SINGING LESSONS VOUCHER! 

All students need to fill out the student LIVE performance register form.

Visit www.liveandunsigncomp.com for additional information on this event.

Download the LIVE & UNSIGNED BROCHURE here.

Burden Park's Got Talent Show

On behalf of Vox Singing Academy, we'd like to wish all participates and upcoming talent all the best at this weekends local spectacular BURDEN PARK'S GOT TALENT!  The event will be categorised for under 11 years, 12 to 17 years, and 18 years and over.  All talented individuals will have an opportunity to ROCK THE STAGE with professional sound, lighting crew and a stage MC!  Cash prizes are awarded in each category and there's also judging panel and live audience participation.

"It's events like these that create the new stars of tomorrow and we're absolutely honoured and thrilled to be sponsors of this event.  We are firm supporters of our local artists and the world needs to see what the Australian Music Industry has to offer!" says Director, Principal Teacher and Owner, Peter Vox.

Peter Vox is renowned throughout Australia for his vocal tuition program and coaching techniques and he's always supporting local artists.

"Often my students will invite me to their shows and I would go support and watch them perform LIVE! That's what I love about my job! I always get absolute satisfaction especially when I see them deliver a great performance."

So for all of you folks out there who want to have an enjoyable weekend with family and friends, check out the Lions Summer Community Festival at Burden Park -  Cnr Springvale & Heatherton Roads, Springvale VICTORIA.

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Dead Letter Circus LIVE

Our Video of the Week

It's been such a HUGE week here at Vox Singing Academy headquarters!

Dead Letter Circus has officially announced their Australian Tour which will kick start in April, 2013.  So delighted of the news, we pumped up their hit single "BIG" and call it Our Video of the Week!  Yeah we know it's from their previous album however,  it doesn't mean they don't deserve recognition for an awesome track!

They are an amazing band and their lead vocalist Kim Benzie is an amazing performer.   This guy sings with technique and he delivers the song perfectly!  It's no wonder Dead Letter Circus as a band, can bust out their signature hallmarks that sent shock waves all over the country and the world with their fresh sound.  They have a loyal raving fan base which mind you, call themselves the DLC Army and to be frank, we're one of them.

Overall, their Australian Tour is going to be a super event!  The boys from DLC will be touring with Breaking Orbit and guess openers from the local music scene, OPIA, Self Is A Seed, Minus House, Quiet Child and Guards Of May.

Dead Letter Circus rocking the crowd at their recent tour.
Vox Singing Academy's notable student from Dead Letter Circus really know how to rock and pack out a venue.

LEE HARDING - The Voice, Australian Idol, Sony BMG Records

In 2019 Lee auditioned for the eighth season of The Voice Australia where he got all of the 4 judges to turn in the Blind auditions with a killer rendition of Rage Against The Machine’s, ”Killing In The Name Of” joining team Boy George. Lee made it all the way through to the semifinals.
Prior to competing in The Voice Australia 2019 Harding was a member of a cover band named "Bedrock" who described themselves as a "party band", with a repertoire of hits from the 1960s to the present day. Harding was quoted on his website as saying, "I'd been going to see them since I was 16. I saw them every single week so I knew every song when I joined Bedrock".

The Voice Australia 2019: Lee Harding sings 'Killing In The Name'

If you didn't know in 2005, Lee auditioned for the third season of Australian Idol, ultimately placing third.

Immediately following the show, Lee was signed to Sony BMG and released his debut single "Wasabi" & ”Eye of the Tiger" in December 2005. The song debuted at number one on the ARIA Charts and was the eighth highest single in 2006.
Lee’s debut album What's Wrong with This Picture? was released in February 2006 and peaked at number 3 on the ARIA albums charts. Two further singles followed; "Anything for You" and "Call the Nurse".
Lee was support for fellow Idol contestant Shannon Noll on his nationwide tour with mate and fellow Idol contestant Dan England. Lee played venues such as Luna Park Sydney's Big Top.
August 2006, Lee was opening act for Australian rock icons INXS with Bedrock there national Australian tour.
In April 2006, Harding headlined his own tour titled the Anything for You Tour. Before acts included the Sydney-based power-pop group Kid Courageous, rapper Figgkidd, and the indie rock group Town Hall Steps. Harding performed at such venues including Penrith Panthers and Castle Hill RSL Club. The tour covered venues along the east coast of Australia.
In September 2006, Harding began his co-headlining tour with Kid Courageous of small venues across the nation. The tour commenced in Brisbane, then continued to the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Albury and Adelaide. Artists on the tour included Lee Harding and Bedrock, Kid Courageous, 919 (later known as Amber Calling) and Enolas Secret (formerly known as Wishlist). Melbourne band Don't Ask Us supported the tour on the Victorian dates. Due to the arisal of a family issue, the tour was postponed for the NSW shows, which consisted of venues such as Penrith Leagues, the Manning Bar and Dapto Leagues. News was received after the conclusion of the Adelaide show and was confirmed in an official press release by Harding's manager at the time.
Since 2007, Harding has been involved in a number of short-lived projects, including the group Rock City 2, who released an album in October 2007.  and the Patience Project who released a single titled "Lipstick Cabaret" in June 2011. Harding also plays in cover bands at Crown Casino in Melbourne.
Look out for bigger and better things to come from Lee Harding in the very near future with the release of a full length album coming out in later 2019.

DEAD CITY RUINS - AFM & Third Verse Records

Dead City Ruins is fronted by VSA Student and powerhouse vocalist Steve Welsh.

Dead City Ruins are 5 young men from Croydon, Melbourne, Australia, and they play Rock ‘n’ Roll like their lives depend on it.
If you can imagine Black Sabbath, Early 80’s Iron Maiden and Phil Lynott era Thin Lizzy, thrown in a blender alongside antipodean grit, sweat and a fountain of beers, you’re getting close to the in your face, high energy live show delivered at brain splitting decibels these guys produce.
Formed in 2010 by five of the finest musical wingmen in the state of Victoria, the band drew first blood by launching headfirst into the studio to lay down ‘Midnight Killer’ Their debut released in early 2011.
Side stepping the notion of settling down and becoming another ‘local band’, Dead City Ruins began their global manifesto in earnest, booking just 4 x shows and 5 one way tickets to Europe before even releasing the album in Australia.
There began a catalogue of blind luck, drama and ultimately, victory as the band toured hand to mouth in the northern hemisphere for the better part of 2 years, defiantly keeping a run down Ford Transit on life support whilst living in a combination of tents, makeshift roadside shelters and the floors of those who would fall for their many charms.
It was a perpetual cycle of touring that found them opening for acts such as Rival Sons, Mastodon, Wolfmother and building up to their own headlining shows and festival slots.
Pulling up the handbrake mid 2013, they returned home to record their follow up self titled album.
No sooner had they finished they were once again thrust back into the maelstrom of international touring as the handpicked opening act for Skid Row & Ugly Kid Joe filling out the rest 2013 through to the first half of 2014.
The run concluded in Australia with a rapturous homecoming and kicked off subsequent headlining tours of Indonesia and UK/EU, leaving the band armed with a now rabid fan-base and a clear mission to record their third album– Never Say Die.
Produced by James Lewis (Arctic Monkeys, Sunset Sons), the record was promptly snapped up by German label AFM Records and was released to critical acclaim in April 2018.
Dead City Ruins took their dynamic and powerful live show to European audiences supporting U.D.O (Udo Dirkschneider) for a 5 week tour in early 2019 tearing venues apart and leaving the audience hungry for more.
With a headline tours in both Europe and Australia being booked and a brand new album 2020 is looking to be the bands biggest year yet!



"...they're just these young, broke kids who don't give a fuck except to play music in front of people. I love it and it's inspiring on a daily basis. That's the spirit of rock and roll in those kids"


“A real fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll band”


"They’re the real deal!”


“…A great bunch of guys from OZ and they kick ass on stage. Good luck to ‘em. Catch them if you have a chance”


“NEVER SAY DIE” is dripping with adrenaline”


“Big chunks of rough-house rock’n’roll”


“...Ear splitting, bra busting, panty dropping rock n roll"


“...A force to be reckoned with.”


“One of the best of the year. 5/5”






“A band that knows how to deliver.”


Steve Welsh Of DEAD CITY RUINS Inducted To The VSA Wall Of Fame!

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