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Closure in Moscow
Closure In Moscow

Australian progressive rock band Closure in Moscow are from Melbourne, Victoria and formed in 2006. Known for their stellar live performances and avant grant sound, Closure in Moscow set the Australian and the international alternative rock scene on fire in 2009 to 2010.  They received massive air play on Triple J with their hit single Sweet#hart (First Temple 2009), played at the Warp Tour, SXSW, Homebake, and toured the US.

There's no doubt that their music has created dieharde fans world-wide from Australia to Japan, and right across the USA and Europe/UK.

The group consists of lead singer Christopher de Cinque, lead guitarist Michael Barrett, guitarist-singer Mansur Zennelli,  drummer Salvatore Aidone and bass player Duncan Millar.

"I recommend Peter/Vox Singing School to everyone who is serious about singing and to those who want the tools to explore what they can do without damaging their voice, especially those singing extreme metal. Given the right techniques, professional advice, training and groundwork, lessons were instrumental in helping me perform night after night when Alarum played 34 shows across the USA on the Necrophagist / Carving North America's Epitaph tour 2006."

Christopher De Cinque – Closure In Moscow (Warner Bros./Equal Vision Records)

CIRCLES - Wild Thing & Season Of Mist Records (EU/USA)

A completely unique approach to modern heavy music is what you get from Melbourne, Australia based outfit CIRCLES. You simply won’t hear their distinctive fusion of powerhouse progressive rhythms, soaring powerhouseand dynamic and ultra-catchy songs anywhere else. Ex-Lead vocals from Vox singing Academies student Perry Kakridas must be heard to be believed going from a whisper to a roar and from clean to dirty vocals with effortless ease.

Emergence (2009)

The band’s origins can be traced back to Ted Furuhashi, who began writing his own songs at the age of twelve, recording them with a cassette recorder. After playing in some bands, he set up with his friend Dave Hunter, whom he had already known from his early childhood and with whom he had previously played in other bands, to found his own band, which corresponds to his musical ideas should. Together they composed almost a dozen songs, whereupon they decided to turn their project into a real band. In Drew Patton, whom they already knew from another band, the band found a suitable bass player. After searching in vain for a second guitarist and several auditions , the guitarist Matty Clarke became aware of the band ‘s social network Myspace and joined the band shortly thereafter. Over Clarke they came to the singer Perry Kakridas, who joined the band in the summer of 2009. A week later the band had their first performance.

First publications (2010-2011)

In early March 2010, the band released their first EP called Prelude , which distributed the band digitally through the online platform bandcamp. Afterwards, the band began recording their second EP, which was planned for the summer of 2010. In December 2010, the band released their first EP Prelude for free download. In February 2011, the band announced that they had signed a record deal with London based label Basick Records. In May 2011 the Compass released the second EP of the band, Which included the song The Frontline , which was already available on the first EP, with further songs, the origin of which was at the time seven years. In early November 2011, about the British edition of Metal Hammer the first music video of the band to the song Eye Embedded presented to a week later, the publication of the same digital single was followed by the next to the song itself still a remix , An instrumental version and two more songs from the first EP. The origin of which at that time was seven years in part. In early November 2011, about the British edition of Metal Hammer the first music video of the band to the song Eye Embedded presented to a week later, the publication of the same digital single was followed by the next to the song itself still a remix , An instrumental version and two more songs from the first EP. The origin of which at that time was seven years in part. In early November 2011, about the British edition of Metal Hammer the first music video of the band to the song Eye Embedded presented to a week later, the publication of the same digital single was followed by the next to the song itself still a remix , An instrumental version and two more songs from the first EP. Which was followed a week later by the release of the same-named single , which included a remix , an instrumental version and two more songs from the first EP, alongside the song itself . Which was followed a week later by the release of the same-named single , which included a remix , an instrumental version and two more songs from the first EP, alongside the song itself .

Contemporary (2012)

Circles - Dream Sequence

At the beginning of 2012 the band played a tour with different local bands of the genre from the respective surroundings, which led along the east coast of Australia. In December 2012, the band released the Single Another Me , which was released for free download on the bandcamp site of Basick Records. In addition, the band released a music video for the song. At the moment, the band is working on their first studio album , which is due to be released this year.

That momentum shifted up yet another gear as they unleashed their almighty debut album Infinitas in late 2013. Released through prestigious UK label Basick Records, the album garnered almost unanimously positive reaction from fans and critics across the globe, with its sound, songs and creativity lifting them into new stratospheres. The band’s attention now turned to international markets, where a rapidly growing fan base awaited.

And those fans truly embraced CIRCLES with open arms, hearts and minds. The band slayed audiences at Euroblast 2013 alongside the likes of Meshuggah, Monuments, Textures and fellow Aussie warriors Twelve Foot Ninja and Dawn Heist. A European tour with the mighty Dillinger Escape Plan ensued, the band gaining avid new followers with every show.

So much so that the band were able to head out across the UK and Europe again following the Dillinger tour on a headlining jaunt of their own, before returning to Australia for triumphant dates across the nation to round out the year.

Less than a year later they were back on the road across Europe once again, on a 23 date tour with Monuments and After the Burial.

With legendary status in their home country now assured and an ever-growing international audience rabidly awaiting their next move, it was now time to think about the sophomore CIRCLES opus. 2015 saw the band bunkered down, feverishly incubating the follow-up to the illustrious Infinitas.

Their highly anticipated new album The Last One worldwide on August 31st 2018 through Wild Thing Records (AUS), and Season of Mist (EU/USA).

The Last One, an album of tremendous power and lyrical inventiveness, delivers on the promise made on their Basick Records debut album Infinitas (2013). With Ex Vox Singing Academy teacher and student Ben Rechter assuming the role of lead vocalist and fellow band members Ted Furuhashi (guitar/backing vocals), David Hunter (drums), and Drew Patton (bass guitar/screamed vocals) providing a maelstrom of musical brutality, Circles have written and recorded a simply phenomenal album. The band’s uniquely designed off-kilter stadium-like riffs and dynamic grooves, exemplified in the track Dream Sequence, beautifully contrast with breathtaking soaring vocals and catchy hooks apparent in highlight song Tether, with new front-man Ben Rechter’s soaring massive vocal range and lush melodic singing styling instantly becoming a signature of Circles’ ever expanding sound.

Formed in 2010 by Ted Furuhashi, David Hunter and Drew Patton, Circles have constantly been at the forefront of progressive heavy music, with their musical foundations becoming a strong component of the worldwide djent movement. Their previous releases, 2011’s EP The Compass (Basick Records) and 2013’s Infinitas, garnered unanimously positive reaction from fans and critics across the globe.

Circles' European jaunts have included Euroblast Festival (2013), as well as hitting the road with heavy music luminaries such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Monuments, and After The Burial. In Australia, they’ve toured nationally as direct support to eminent rock and metal acts such as Periphery, Fear Factory, Twelve Foot Ninja, and Ne Obliviscaris, while also performing at the nation’s premier progressive music festival PROGFEST on two occasions (2012 & 2016). Their tour-de-force live show led the group to be signed by Bear Parts Music (management), Wild Thing Presents (bookings – Australia), Artery Global (bookings – Europe), and 33 & West (bookings – North America).

Circles are set to circumnavigate and conquer the world with their brand new record The Last One, their best yet in-hand. In sync with their monumental sophomore album release, Circles will be joined UK progressive metal juggernaut TesseracT on their Australian Tour in September 2018 as special guests. Soon, Circles will jet off on their momentous return to Europe, touring across the continent with fellow Australian progressive rock trailblazers Caligula’s Horse between October-November 2018, while also appearing at prominent festivals such as Euroblast and ProgPower Europe.

Bjorn Again - The World's No 1 ABBA tribute show!

Björn Again is a parody of the Swedish pop group ABBA founded in 1988 in Australia, but now involving multiple touring troupes performing under the Björn Again name. The show takes its name from Björn Ulvaeus, a member of ABBA, and a pun on the phrase "born again".

Björn Again is run as a light-hearted parody of ABBA,with the use of pidgin Swedish (or 'Swenglish'and stage character names of Agnetha Falstart, Benny Anderwear, Frida Longstokin, and Björn Volvo-us reflecting the names of the original members of ABBA.Björn Again also has a bass guitarist Rutger Sonofagunn and the drummer Ola Drumkitt (from long-time ABBA session musicians Rutger Gunnarsson and Ola Brunkert).

Björn Again was created in 1988 in Melbourne, Australia by Rod Stephen and John Tyrrell. After the first Björn Again show at a pub in the inner Melbourne suburb of Collingwood called The Tote Hotel on 6 May 1989 the show's popularity increased quickly, which first took the group Australia-wide and then overseas to international acclaim. Original members for the first six years of the band included Gavin Charles (Bjorn), Janette Stuart (Agnetha), Dorina Morelli (Frida) and Peter Ryan (Benny).Björn Again's past and present members have been Vox Singing Academy students. John has been the manager since the band's inception, and in 2003 Rod was appointed manager of the UK-European region.

Björn Again at GuilFest 2012

Björn Again has also occasionally covered songs by other artists. When Erasure produced an EP of ABBA covers called Abba-esque, Björn Again responded with an EP of covers of Erasure songs done in the style of ABBA, called Erasure-ish. The EP included the songs "Stop!" and "A Little Respect" that achieved Number 25 on the UK charts in September 1992. Also in 1992, the band did a cover of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town which reached #55 in the UK charts. In August 2009 the band covered Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' during their set at the Sonisphere Festival in tribute to the headlining act.
Björn Again has performed at many types of event from large rock festivals worldwide including Reading and Glastonbury, to private performances for celebrities, including playing at parties for top UK golfer Colin Montgomerie, Microsoft's Bill Gates,comedian Rowan Atkinson, actor Russell Crowe's wedding, and for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

On 1 May 1998 Björn Again performed a show in the Royal Albert Hall. They performed 11 of ABBA's famous songs. The concert was sold out very quickly.

In 2009, the band were controversially booked to play the United Kingdom's leg of Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth, which consisted of a much 'heavier' fan base. As a result of this, the band played their set with a slightly more beefed up sound, more guitars and a tongue-in-cheek rock style adaptation of their costumes.

In 1999 the UK Bjorn Again took part in a documentary for Channel 5 entitled "ABBA: Bjorn Again!", this included following the band as they toured the UK. The documentary explored the history of the band. Throughout the programme the band spoke in their "Swedish" accents.

Both Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson have lauded Björn Again a number of times over the years, and after ABBA's former members made their intentions known that they were not going to perform together any longer, Andersson was quoted as saying in 1999, "BJÖRN AGAIN are the closest you can get to seeing ABBA. ABBA will never reform!"


Belle Haven
Belle Haven

'Belle Haven' (Shock Records) is a unique metal core act from the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Barely a year since their creation, the band has advanced into a well-known and established performing act playing regular shows to followers across Australia. Belle Haven pride themselves on their live show, delivering a secure, overly energetic performance bound to nimble riffs, heavy breakdowns and guitar solos, all throughout a flowing and engaging set. Currently writing and with many upcoming interstate tours, Belle Haven are stamping their name into the minds of heavy music lovers everywhere.

Belle Haven Proudly Inducted To The VSA Wall Of Fame

CLOWNS - Shock Records


Clowns are a 5 piece hardcore punk rock n roll band formed in 2009 who are signed to Shock Records/Damaged Records. Fronted by Vox Singing Academy’s student Stevie Williams who is taught by Director Peter Vox. Stevie is an amazing hard-core punk rock screamer. “We are always playing, touring and releasing music because we honestly have nothing better to do.” States Stevie.

There debut album ‘I’m Not Right’ was voted at number 5 on Triple J’s Short.Fast. Loud Top 40 releases of 2013.

2015 seen release of the ‘Bad Blood’ which was voted as triple j’s Short.Fast.Loud number #1 heavy release of 2015; it took them over the world to festivals like The UK’s Rebellion and Groezrock in Belgium and plenty of club shows in between. It found them on tour with some of the world’s most esteemed punk heavyweights such as NOFX, Rise Against and Descendent and subsequently went on to sell thousands world wide.

Their third full length ‘Lucid Again’ was a critically acclaimed hit with Rolling Stone stating “it’s hard to argue against Clowns having creates one of the best rock -not ‘just’ punk – records” of 2017. It was an affirmation of bands success with many of the songs receiving heavy radio play, creeping the bands name up festival bills over the world, selling out bigger venues than the band had ever before and eventually lead them to support Foo Fighters and play Australia’s inaugural Download festival.

2019 has seen the band release their fourth studio offering ‘Nature/Nurture’, which caught the ears of punk heavyweight Fat Wreck Chords, making them the second Australian band ever to sign to the esteemed label. ‘Nature/Nurture’ debuted at #6 in the Australian ARIA charts, has been dubbed “their strongest record yet” by Stack Magazine and is fast becoming their most streamed record!
Nature / Nurture was nominated for the 2019 ARIA Award for Best Hard Rock album.
2019/2020 has seen Clowns tour Europe and America. Clowns will also be supporting My Chemical Romance at Download Festival 2020 in Australia.
Check out the highly energetic and must see show next time they are in town.


GYROSCOPE - Warner Music/ Festival Mushroom Music

Gyroscope - Our Famous Students - Vox Singing Academy

Gyroscope are an Australian rock band from Perth, which formed in 1997 as Gyroscope Sunday. The members are former Vox Singing Academy students Daniel Sanders as lead vocalist and on guitar, Zoran Trivic on guitar and backing vocals, Brad Campbell on bass guitar and backing vocals and Rob Nassif on drums. As of 2014 the group has released four studio albums on major labels.

Gyroscope's first major label album, Sound Shattering Sound, was released in June 2004 – seven years after formation. It peaked at No. 37 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Their second such album, Are You Involved?, was issued in September 2005, which debuted at No. 20. It was followed by a double A-sided single, "Fast Girl / Beware Wolf", both tracks polled on the national radio station Triple J's Hottest 100 in 2005. The band's rise in popularity continued with their third album, Breed Obsession, which appeared in March 2008 and peaked at No. 1. It was nominated for 'Best Rock Album' at the ARIA Music Awards of 2008. It was released through Warner Music Australasia and provided four singles, including "Snakeskin" (No. 30 on the ARIA Singles Chart and listed at No. 16 on Triple J's Hottest 100 in 2007) and the anthem, "Australia". The band's fourth album, Cohesion, was released in April 2010, which reached No. three and included the singles, "Some of the Places I Know" and "Baby I'm Getting Better", which charted at No. 32 and No. 34, respectively.

Early years

Gyroscope are an Australian rock group which started as Gyroscope Sunday in Beechboro a suburb in Perth, Western Australia in 1997, with Rob Nassif on drums, Carl Maiorana and then Kim Pengilly on bass guitar, Daniel Sanders on guitar and lead vocals, and Zoran Trivic on guitar and backing vocals. Trivic and Nassif had started jamming together and found Sanders through mutual friends. Gyroscope Sunday issued a five-track cassette, First..., in 1998.

By May 1998 Pengilly was replaced by Brad Campbell on bass guitar and backing vocals. Trivic and Campbell had attended the same secondary school. At that time they had formed a garage band and performed covers of Nirvana and Foo Fighters. Trivic later recalled "this was a way of learning our individual instruments as we were always about starting our own band – it was just gunna take some time."

In late 1998 as Gyroscope, with the line-up of Campbell, Nassif, Sanders and Trivic, recorded eight tracks which were released on a compact cassette, Gyroscope Demo, in June 1999, with only 500 copies made. While performing on the Perth live circuit the members also had work or school commitments. The band provided support slots for Reel Big Fish (October 1999), Toe to Toe and 28 Days (December), Millencolin (February 2000), The Living End, Unwritten Law.

Two independent extended plays, Scalectrix (April 2000) and Means to an End were recorded and issued on cassette in 2000, where the former also appeared on CD. From December 2000 the band went on a six-month hiatus when Nassif travelled to Canada to study. Both EPs were combined on cassette, in April 2001 (originally available in four different covers), as Injuring Yourself Whilst Making Music.

Upon Nassif's return in June 2001, the group signed with Redline Records, owned by fellow Perth rockers, Jebediah, and they supported that band on an Australian tour. Gyroscope's first release for Redline was another EP, Take Time (May 2002). In October that year Juice Magazine named them as one of the next big things along with The Vines, Jet and The Datsuns. At the end of 2002 Gyroscope won a WAMi Award for "Most Popular Local Original Punk Act".

Gyroscope signed with Festival Mushroom Records at the beginning of 2003. On 3 February that year, with Jedediah, they supported a gig by international headliners Jimmy Eat World at The Globe, Prahran East. Gyroscope issued two more EPs in that year: Midnight Express in May – which contained the live favourite "Fire Away". Driving for the Storm / Doctor Doctor followed in September, and received airplay on Triple J radio across Australia. "Doctor Doctor" was listed at No. 92 on the station's Hottest 100 for that year.

Album number 1, Sound Shattering Sound

2004 was Gyroscope's breakthrough year. They supported international visitors including Blink-182, Brand New, Thursday, Dashboard Confessional (their lead singer, Chris Carrabba, insisted that they open for his group upon hearing Gyroscope's EP), Sparta, Saves the Day and The Get Up Kids. A new single, "Safe Forever", came out in March 2004 and earned Gyroscope more mainstream exposure, it peaked in the top 100 of the ARIA Singles Chart.

Their first studio album for Festival Mushroom Records, Sound Shattering Sound, was released on 14 June 2004. It debuted at No. 37 on the ARIA Albums Chart in the following week —a culmination of seven years' work while consolidating their live following. It combined newer material with tracks from their previous two EPs and "Safe Forever".

Andrew Murfett of The Age felt it was "an assured release full of crunchy riffs and emotive lyrics." FasterLouder's Josie9 felt that older tracks "like 'Doctor Doctor', 'Driving for the Storm' and newie 'Confidence in Confidentiality' are excellent indicators of the bands live sound, with contrasting heavy/soft guitars thanks to guitarist Zoran Trivic, trade off vocals/screams courtesy of singer/guitarist Dan Sanders and Brad Campbell (Bass/vox) and thumping drums from Rob Nassif". In support of its release Gyroscope commenced their first headlining tour of Australia. Sanders described difficulties while touring and trying to maintain relationships, but noted an advantage: "I could be away for seven weeks and write some of my better lyrics because I'm missing a girl or mates."

Album number 2, Are You Involved?

In May 2005, Gyroscope recorded their second album, Are You Involved?, in Los Angeles with Mark Trombino (Jimmy Eat World, Drive Like Jehu, Finch, The Living End, Blink-182) as producer and engineer. During the sessions, they filmed a music video for one side of the album's first single, "Fast Girl" (March 2006), in Death Valley. Trivic described their sound "I hope people get chills when they listen to it! ... It has the same core elements [as on] the last record, yet this record pushes our musical boundaries a lil further." Sanders felt one should not "focus on lyrics or the ins and outs of our songwriting but just enjoy.

Are You Involved? was released on 25 September 2005, which peaked at No. 20 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Initial copies had a bonus DVD featuring 'making of' documentaries for both the album and the "Fast Girl" video. FasterLouder's Kellanator opined that their "lyrics cut you when you least expect it. Their whirling sounds take you on a journey. This isn't just music... the band have grown and shifted a little since their last release... [they] have the knack of writing a good meaningful song with delicious pop hooks. Best combination ever." Bemused on Punknews.orgwebsite noted that Trombino had "[helped] achieve a fuller, more realized sound than on previous recordings" and the album "has the ability to gradually work its way into your mindset with a lyric or vocal delivery here and a guitar line there."

During 2005 it was nominated for the inaugural J Award – Triple J's Australian Album of the Year. Two tracks, "Fast Girl" and "Beware Wolf", were listed, at No. 29 and No. 62 respectively, on that year's Hottest 100. "Fast Girl" was nominated at the ARIA Music Awards of 2006 for Breakthrough Artist – Single; and the band also received two WAMi Awards in 2006 for "Best Rock Act" and "Best Punk Act". "Beware Wolf" has been used on the Australian soap opera, Home and Away.

Album number 3, Breed Obsession

Following a successful tour of South Africa, Gyroscope recorded their third major label studio album, Breed Obsession, in Liverpool during mid-2007. Dave Eringa (Idlewild, Manic Street Preachers) produced the material while mixing occurred in London.] In September that year Gyroscope toured Australia supporting Fall Out Boy on that group's Australian leg of their Friends or Enemies Tour.

The first single from Breed Obsession, "Snakeskin", appeared in October 2007, which debuted at No. 30 on the ARIA singles chart. It was the number-one most voted video on JTV, number-one most requested track on Triple J's Super Request, and was ranked No. 16 on Triple J's Hottest 100 for 2007. The music video for "Snakeskin" was shot in Wiltshire, near Stonehenge, south of London. It has the band playing in a 200-metre crop circle – made specifically for the video. This was the same farm where Led Zeppelin's crop circle was made, which features on the cover of that group's Remasters compilation album (October 1990).

Gyroscope performed at the Big Day Out festival, which toured Australia and New Zealand in late January and early February 2008. Rhythmelody at FasterLouder caught their performance at the Claremont Showgrounds on 3 February, "they let loose a fantastic set filled with old tracks from Gyroscope's younger years, tracks which long time supporters and new fans alike soaked up."Later that month the band released the second single from the album, "1981", which peaked in the top 100.

Breed Obsession was issued on 8 March 2008, which debuted at No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart, the highest debut in the band's history and the first Australian artists' number-one album or single for fifteen weeks. AllMusic's Stewart Mason found that they "shake off their always tenuous connection to punk and reveal themselves to be a mainstream pop/rock band with few musical aspirations further than a handful of FM radio hits" and summarised that it was "generically tasty, but full of meaningless empty calories."] By August that year the album was certified gold by ARIA for shipment of 35,000 units.

In May 2008 Gyroscope released a music video for "Australia". It was filmed in Sydney and directed by Tom Sparks. "Australia" appeared as the next single in the following month, which peaked at No. 52. At the ARIA Music Awards of 2008 Breed Obsession was nominated for Best Rock Album. The fourth single, "These Days", appeared in November that year.

Album number 4, Cohesion and Best of Gyroscope
Following a national tour supporting The Living End, Gyroscope began writing for their fourth studio album, Cohesion. The band had 25 songs prior to sorting out the final track list. They signed with Island Records Australia and from September 2009 Gil Norton (Pixies, Maximo Park, Foo Fighters) produced their sessions at Rockfield Studios, in Monmouth, Wales. On 16 October 2009 in an interview with Triple J, Sanders announced that the record would be completed by mid-November. He also said that they were considering a self-titled album.

In December 2009 the group revealed a track from the album, "Live Without You", for radio spots and as an album teaser, on their MySpace page. The first single from the album, "Some of the Places I Know", was released in March 2010, which peaked at No. 32 The music video had appeared in February. Cohesion followed on 9 April 2010, which debuted at No. 3. Mike Allen at SputnikMusic described it as "straightforward rock... it is keen on its utilization of blistering riffs, incongruent dynamics, and Daniel Sanders' soaring clean vocals, all of which play an intricate role in creating the melting pot. Monstrous choruses and infectious hooks are strewn throughout." In June they started their national tour to promoted the album.

On 22 April 2010 the band blogged on their official MySpace page that Warner Music were due to release a compilation album, Best of Gyroscope, on 7 May via iTunes, without the band's permission. They only found out about the compilation through their fans on Facebook. The band issued a joint statement through their management, criticising Warner for not consulting them. They declared, "The song selection, artwork and everything about this release has been done without consultation with the band. Gyroscope are a band who have always put our fans first. In our opinion, the release of this album without consultation with the band, and without including any material from our new album Cohesion, does not represent good value for our fans." The album was released anyway. The album has since been removed from iTunes and recalled from stores.

In May 2011 they performed at the annual Groovin' the Moo festival at regional centres in Australia In May 2012 Trivic broke both legs when he was struck by a car whilst riding his motorcycle. Initially it was anticipated that his recovery would only take three to four months however his rehabilitation took longer. As a result, the band went into an enforced hiatus until December 2014 when they recommenced live performances with a national tour to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of their debut album, Sound Shattering Sound.

In May 2015 Gyroscope played a secret show at The Hen House studios to celebrate the Hen House's 5th birthday. In February 2016 the band announced a one off show at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Bunbury over the Easter weekend. On 3 March 2016 the band posted a photo of reheasals on Facebook announcing that they are working on some new songs.
2017 plans to be a big here with the rekindling of the band and the release of the new album. Look out for them on their Australian National tour and world tour in 2017.

THE PANICS - Capitol Records/Dew Process

The Panics
The Panics

The Panics are an indie rock band originally from Perth, Western Australia, and currently based in Melbourne, Victoria.

The band started out with Vox Singing Academy student Jae Laffer (then known by his actual first name, Justin) and Drew Wootton were still at high school in Kalamunda, an outer suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Laffer and Wootton met on their first day of school.

"You just look at someone and go, alright; you can be my friend, you have the same haircut as me". - Laffer

They added Drew's younger brother Myles on drums, Vox Singing Academy student Paul Otway on bass and Jules Douglas on slide guitar, keyboards and vocals soon after. After being spotted playing at the Inglewood Hotel by Happy Mondays' Gaz Whelan and Pete Carroll, following Happy Mondays' Perth performance at The Big Day Out in 2000, they were the first signing to the UK-based label LittleBIGMAN Records, a label set up by Carroll and Whelan.

"Yeah well that’s what’s been really cool about us and the label is that it was just the fact it was new for everyone and we weren’t just another band that they were adding to their roster. It felt really exciting to be part of a label that seemed to have really good ideals and be run by guys who certainly have their heads in the right place and are pro-artist as opposed to pro-money and I truly believe that. And it’s just good to have people who believe in you and playing for a couple of years it’s very rare that anyone comes along and wants to help you without wanting to take your money straight away and all that kind of thing. It’s just nice when people come along and go “we love what you do and we’d love to help”. And to have someone like the guys that run our label getting us gigs and getting us exposure, it’s like a massive weight off our shoulders that’s for sure. And also we’re really relieved to not have to go through the probable years of sending out demos hoping for replies trying to sweet talk people and suck up to people. It’s nice to straight away be our own little community and just start making records." - Laffer

Their first release, a self-titled EP in 2002, enjoyed high rotation on Australian radio station Triple J and community radio stations around Australia, from which they gained some attention. The following two EPs This Day Last Year and Kid You're A Dreamer also generated radio exposure across Australia.

In 2002, The Panics were the first Australian band to be invited to play at In The City, the UK's annual music convention.

"It was just a very spooky event. It was like playing a pub in Perth. It was condensed down to a couple of nights. In this one kind of block in Salford in Manchester there was about ten pubs all within walking distance, each with about five bands playing a night and just a huge huge amount of industry just doing the rounds, walking through. Every person in the crowd had a laminate. Our place was packed when we played which was great but it’s very hard to read industry people ‘cause they don’t want to jump around and cheer. We’d just finished recording and I remember being on stage and we were just having a laugh because it was just so great to be playing in England." - Laffer

While in England they commenced recording tracks for their debut album, with parts being recorded in Manchester UK and the rest co-produced with Steve Bond in Australia, and mixed by Jeremy Allom (The La's, Massive Attack). A full-length album, A House on a Street in a Town I'm From followed in 2003 to local critical praise. Following the release of A House on a Street in a Town I'm From they toured Australia for the first time and also played a series of gigs with Morrissey, Gomez, Grandaddy, The Church and Badly Drawn Boy. They went on to complete several sell out national headline tours of Australia.

In 2004, the band signed a worldwide deal with Festival Publishing. They have also had several tracks featured in films, including This Day Last Year which was commissioned for Jew Boy, broadcast in 2005.

In late 2004, the band headed back to England for a second UK tour, including supporting the Happy Mondays at a sold out show to over 12,000 people on Clapham Common in London. While in England, The Panics were invited to record a live broadcast for the BBC. They performed three tracks live, which was also broadcast throughout the UK and digitally worldwide. The band then based themselves in Manchester and commenced writing new material for their next album, Sleeps Like a Curse. On return to Australia they recorded the album at Megaphone studios in Sydney with Australian producer Tim Whitten (who produced albums by The Clouds, Powderfinger, Art of Fighting, The Go Betweens, The Necks, 78 Saab and worked in England with The Smiths).

The song "Kid You're a Dreamer" (from A House on a Street in a Town I'm From) was used as the credits theme music for the Australian drama The Surgeon which screened on Network Ten in 2005.

Their second album, Sleeps Like a Curse was released in August 2005, and was nominated for a J Award in the same year Shortly after the release of the album, the band relocated to Melbourne, where they were still based as at November 2007, with a number of the band's members sharing a house in the inner city suburb of Collingwood.

In October 2006 they released a three track EP, Factory Girl on littleBIGMAN Records. The songs were covers of the Rolling Stones' "Factory Girl" from their 1968 album, Beggars Banquet, Bob Dylan's "Just Like A Woman" from his 1966 album, Blonde on Blonde, and Leonard Cohen's "Who By Fire", taken from his 1974 album, New Skin for the Old Ceremony.

The song "Monkeys in the Hallway" (from A House on a Street in a Town I'm From) was used in an episode of the television drama series, Tripping Over in 2007.

In February 2007 The Panics signed with Dew Process, and under this new label their third album, Cruel Guards, was released on 13 October 2007. The album was Triple J's feature album for the week of 8 October 2007 and went on to win the 2007 J Award. The album achieved gold status (sales of 35,000) within six months of its release.

The song "Don't Fight It" was featured in an episode of the Australian television drama series, Underbelly and appears on the soundtrack album. It was also used for the end scene of the Ugly Betty episode, "Tornado Girl" (which was the eighth episode in the third season of the show).

The album was nominated for four 2008 ARIA Awards including 'Best Adult Contemporary Album', 'Best Breakthrough Artist - Single', as well as two artisan awards for 'Best Engineer' - Scott Horscroft and 'Best Producer' - Scott Horscroft. The band won its first ARIA for 'Best Adult Contemporary Album'

"We like to consider ourselves a bit more contemporary than adult, but we'll take that."
"The award was nice recognition after seven years together as a band. It's almost like just a bit of validation for a lot of hard work. Also it keeps the band a little bit hungry just knowing that people are listening."

— Jae Laffer
The Panics are already working on their next album and plan to tour the UK and the US in 2009.

"We need a few new frontiers to try to start making a little impact. We just want to make sure we grow old knowing we gave everywhere as much of a chance to get to know who we are as we do here at home."

— Jae Laffer
At the beginning of 2010, The Panics played a show at Kings Park, Perth backed by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra features many performers not unaccustomed to this form of cross-over with many, notably Michael Ingle, having previously played with Ben Lee and The Cat Empire.

In 2011, they released the new album "Rain on the Humming Wire", written in the UK and recorded in New York.

In 2013, The Panics were commissioned to write an original soundtrack for the ABC archival documentary Girt by Sea (2014). The film premiered at the Perth International Arts Festival in February 2014 where The Panics performed the score live to a sold out audience.

The critically acclaimed "Hole in my pocket" album was released in October 2016 through due process records. It peaked at number 52 on the aria charts. A national tour coincided to support of the release of the album and a world tour for 2017.

Hole in Your Pocket - Dew Process (7 October 2016) No. 52 ARIA Top 100.

CUT COPY - Universal Music / Modular

Cut Copy have had private singing lessons at Vox Music Academy
Cut Copy

Cut Copy (sometimes stylised as Cut/Copy) are an Australian electronic music band formed in 2001 by DJ Dan Whitford (vocals, keyboards and guitar). Initially a home-recording project, the band now includes Tim Hoey (guitars), Ben Browning (bass guitar) and Mitchell Scott (drums). So far they have released four studio albums, an EP and a number of singles and remixes, all on Modular Recordings. They achieved breakthrough success in 2008 with their second album, In Ghost Colours. Some of their most well-known singles include "Lights & Music", "Hearts on Fire" and "Take Me Over".

Cut Copy was established in 2001 in Melbourne, Australia as the solo project of Dan Whitford, a DJ and graphic designer. Whitford was educated at Scotch College, Melbourne and studied graphic design at Monash University. During his studies he became interested in dance music and began DJing while hosting a radio-show. Around this time he bought a sampler and keyboards to experiment with. Musically he was "inspired by indie low-fi stuff as much as dance". Upon graduating Whitford co-founded the design-agency Alter, who continue to produce all of the graphical material for the band. Whitford began producing music at his home-studio and submitted a demo-tape to Modular Recordings, who subsequently signed him sometime in the first half of 2001. He enlisted the help of veteran guitarist Harry Howard to record the debut single "1981", which was released on vinyl only.

According to Whitford, the band's name was a random choice: "I was in the edit menu [of my computer] and I moved down in the document to the few words that didn't make sense together, and at that particular day and time the words 'cut' and 'copy' really stood out to me. At the time it felt like a fairly abstract choice but now it feels very tied in with what we do".The name is often displayed as one word with a forward slash in between: Cut/Copy.

With Howard filling in on guitar, Whitford asked his childhood friend Bennett Foddy to join on bass with the view to release an EP. The band was assisted by Robbie Chater of The Avalanches who produced the seven largely instrumental tracks that were leaning heavily on samples. I Thought of Numbers was released in September 2001 and spurred a number of remixes on vinyl. The following year saw Whitford remould the band with a view to take to the stage. Their live debut at the 2003 Livid festival was described by Foddy as "our first show was in front of 5,000 people at a festival, which was sort of terrifying".

In 2003, Howard was replaced by Tim Hoey, a student at the Victoria College of Art after he and Whitford began exchanging demo tapes. Drummer Mitchell Scott joined shortly after, explaining that "we were just in the same circle of friends, and Tim was sort of roped in because he could play guitar and Dan's sampler had actually broken down, which kind of brought on the need to find a new way of thinking about a live show". Prior to Hoey and Scott joining, a Cut Copy performance was essentially Whitford together with Joel McKenzie doing a DJ set that included sampling their own material. Throughout their career, the band has continued to do DJ sets and remixes for others.

2003 to 06: Bright Like Neon Love

Whitford began working on the band's debut album in early 2003 and had written half a dozen songs when during a DJ gig, one of their samplers broke down. Together with Hoey, Scott and Foddy he began reinterpreting the material. Later in the year Whitford gathered all the recordings and travelled to Paris to mix the album with Phillippe Zdar and his team and found that he had "two different versions of the recordings, so I started taking parts from both of those, and putting them together". In April 2004, Cut Copy released their debut LP, Bright Like Neon Love to moderate success and supported by the singles "Saturdays" and "Future". The four-piece began rehearsing for a tour and began to play 'a garage band version' of the material. At this stage Foddy left the group to study for his Ph.D, and the band continued as a three-piece.

In 2005, the trio toured internationally for the first time, as support to international acts such as Franz Ferdinand, The Presets, Junior Senior, Bloc Party and Mylo while also playing a number of European festivals. By playing a large number of shows their fan-base grew and three members became more proficient in their instruments. In contrast to previous occasions, Whitford began songwriting with the others in the band. A third single, "Going Nowhere", was released in January 2006. In the first half of 2006, Whitford was asked to produce a mix for the Fabric label, which included a number of Cut Copy mixes. It was released in August 2006 as FabricLive.29 and described as "collection of indie, hip-hop, electroclash and straight up rock". He did the same for the American clothing company Triple 5 Soul in the same year, which Modular later released as a podcast. In December 2007, the group toured Australia with Daft Punk on the Nevereverland tour, the Sydney leg of which attracted a crowd of almost 50,000 people.

2007 to 09: In Ghost Colours
For much of 2006, Whitford had been working on the second album using the three-piece template that had been touring the world. Towards the end of September, he had much of the album complete in demo form. These recordings were sent to Tim Goldsworthy who agreed to produce the new record. In early 2007 the band travelled to New York where the new album was completed in a six-week period. Whitford commented on Goldsworthy's contribution that "he was almost like an extra member of the band and gave us feedback on things that were working and things that he thought we could change. On top of that he has an incredible wealth of experience with what he's done with other records and brought some of those recording techniques to our music".After some mixing in Los Angeles, the album was finalised at the band's homebase in Melbourne.

In May 2007, the band decided to play a small Australian tour while Modular Recordings released the single "Hearts on Fire" digitally and on vinyl. In September, the band had announced the completion of their second album, In Ghost Colours, but its Australian release was delayed until 22 March 2008 to co-ordinate with its international release. The rest of the year was spent doing a number of remixes, playing a number of local festivals and supporting Daft Punk on their Australian dates. The promo-only single "So Haunted" was made available for airplay while Whitford was putting together another compilation of mixes.

As a prelude to their second album, the band released the So Cosmic mix in February 2008, showing the disco/new wave inspiration behind In Ghost Colours. The album debuted on the ARIA Albums Chart at number one. Cut Copy's next single, "Lights & Music" was used in video game FIFA 09. "Far Away", album's third and final single, was played on Nip/Tuck, a United States TV series, on one of its final episodes, in a club scene.

2010 to 2012: Zonoscope

In July 2010, radio station Triple J broadcast the teaser track "Where I'm Going", ahead of Cut Copy's third album, Zonoscope, which drew inspirations from the early 1980s. It was largely recorded in a Melbourne warehouse with only the band and an engineer working on it. The band confirmed they had officially become a four-piece with the addition of bass guitarist Ben Browning. "Where I'm Going" became the theme song of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook's sneak-preview video, which was released in September 2010.

The band premiered the album's first official single, "Take Me Over", in November 2010 on Triple J's breakfast show with Tom & Alex. In an interview with The Music Network, guitarist Tim Hoey described it as "certainly one of the more pop moments on the album." Zonoscope peaked at number three in Australia in February 2011 to critical acclaim. In March 2011, the group performed on the Saturday of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, US. In June 2011, the band played at Indie Fest in Puerto Rico and later that year at the Zappa Club and the Barby Club, in Tel Aviv. In July 2011, the band performed to an audience of 25,000 people at the Camp Bisco Ten festival in Mariaville, New York. On 10 September 2011, Cut Copy played the Virgin Mobile FreeFest in Columbia, Maryland, US.

In March 2012, Cut Copy bassist Ben Browning released his debut solo EP Lover Motion. It was preceded by the single "I Can't Stay".

2013 to 14: Free Your Mind
In early September 2013, the full version of the title track to their fourth album Free Your Mind debuted at six specific locations worldwide. Fans were informed that they could visit selected billboards in Mexico, Chile, Australia, two locations in the US (Detroit, and California) and one in the UK at Blaneau Gwent in South Wales. When fans were standing near the billboard, they could open an app which would allow them to stream the track through their smartphones. The track quickly appeared on Triple J's hitlist getting regular airplay. The music video for "Free Your Mind", directed by Christopher Hill and released in October 2013, stars Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård as a cult leader.

The album Free Your Mind was released on 1 November 2013 to considerable success. After rehearsals in Nashville, Cut Copy embarked on a world tour of North and South America through to Europe and Russia. The music video for "We Are Explorers" premiered in February 2014, followed by the release of the vinyl single "In These Arms of Love" for Record Store Day. The latter was later included in the deluxe re-release of Free Your Mind.

2015 to present: New album
The band spent most of the 2015 working on the follow up to Free Your Mind. In September 2016, they released January Tape, a 44-minute ambient instrumental piece recorded during those sessions available as a limited cassette run of 400 copies. According to Dan Whitford, the new album was about three quarters complete as of October 2016.

Cut copy are looking to build on there already large following in America and Europe with the new album to be released in 2017 followed by a world tour.


Pseudo Echo
Pseudo Echo

Pseudo Echo are an Australian new wave band that formed in 1982 in Melbourne. The original line-up consisted of Brian Canham (vocals, guitars and keyboards), born 3 July 1962, Pierre Gigliotti (as Pierre Pierre) (bass guitar, keyboards), Tony Lugton (guitars and keyboards) and Anthony Argiro (drums). A later line-up included Vox Singing Academy student James Leigh (keyboards) and his brother, Vox Singing Academy student Vince Leigh (drums). In the 1980s, Pseudo Echo had Australian top 20 hits with "Listening", "A Beat for You", "Don't Go", "Love an Adventure", "Living in a Dream" and their cover of "Funky Town" (from Lipps Inc.), which peaked at No. 1 in 1986. In 1987, it reached No. 1 in Canada and New Zealand, No. 6 in United States and No. 8 in United Kingdom.

They released their debut album, Autumnal Park in 1984 which peaked at No. 11 on the Australian Kent Music Report. Love an Adventure followed in 1985 and reached No. 14. Their third album, Race (1988) peaked at No. 18 and in 1990 the group disbanded. They reformed in 1998 and issued Teleporter in 2000. Rock music historian Ian McFarlane, stated they "combined flash clothes, blow-wave hairstyles, youthful exuberance and accessible synth-pop to arrive at a winning combination ... and found a ready-made audience among teenagers who fawned on the band's every move.

1982-1986: Formation, Autumnal Park & Love an Adventure
Main articles: Autumnal Park and Love an Adventure
Pseudo Echo formed in Melbourne in 1982 by high school friends Brian Canham on vocals, guitars, and keyboards and Pierre Gigliotti (as Pierre Pierre) on bass and keyboards, they were joined by Tony Lugton (ex-James Freud & the Radio Stars) on guitars and keyboards. The group were named for a sound effect available on their keyboards and were influenced by New Romantics bands, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Ultravox. Molly Meldrum, television presenter for the pop music series Countdown, saw the group at a gig and aired them on the show with a demo version of "Listening" in June 1983.They were signed to EMI Records and "Listening" – produced by Peter Dawkins – was issued in November as their debut single, which peaked at No. 4 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart.

Their debut album Autumnal Park, produced by Dawkins and John Punter, was released in June 1984, which peaked at No. 11 on the Kent Music Report Albums Chart. It was an Ultravox-influenced effort which yielded the singles "A Beat for You" (No. 12 in April), "Stranger in Me" (July) and "Dancing Until Midnight" (December). "His Eyes", another album track, received overseas exposure when it was used in the film Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.

In October 1984 Tony Lugton was replaced by Vox Singing Academy studentJames Leigh (aka James Dingli). Tony Lugton left the band due to musical differences. Lugton eventually joined synth rock band Talk That Walk. Another line-up change occurred just after the recording of the second album, with Argiro replaced by James's brother Vox Singing Academy student Vince Leigh (aka Vincent Dingli). In November 1985, Canham joined a charity project for research on little penguins, as a guest vocalist with other Australian artists and backed by The Incredible Penguins. They covered the John Lennon and Yoko Ono hit "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)", which peaked at No. 10 in December.

Their second album, Love an Adventure was issued in November 1985 and was produced by Mark S. Berry, and Brian Canham. The album reached No. 14 in Australia. Three of its singles reached the Top 20 including "Don't Go" (No. 4 in October), "Love an Adventure" (No. 6 in January 1986), and "Living in a Dream" (No. 15 in May). A fourth single, "Try" (August), peaked at No 60.

In October 1986, Pseudo Echo released a rockier version of the Lipps, Inc. disco song "Funky Town", which spent seven weeks at number-one from December. The album, Love an Adventure, was re-released the following year to include their remake of "Funky Town" which brought the group their biggest international success, the single reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, and No. 8 on the UK Singles Chart in July 1987.

The overseas release of Love an Adventure featured a different track listing and included re-recorded versions of three singles from Autumnal Park: "Listening, "A Beat for You", and "Destination Unknown".

1987-1990: Long Plays 83-87 & Race
Main articles: Long Plays 83-87 and Race (album)
In 1987, the band re-released "Listening" for the movie North Shore starring Nia Peeples. In October they won the 1987 World Popular Song Festival (aka Yamaha Music Festival) with "Take on the World", which provided a prize of US$10,000. and released a compilation album Long Plays 83–87. It was released as Funky Town - The Album in New Zealand where it peaked at No.1. Their third studio album, Race was released in 1988. It was produced by Julian Mendelsohn and Brian Canham, had a more mature rock sound. It featured the Australian singles "Fooled Again", "Over Tomorrow" and "Eye of the Storm".The album reached No. 18 on the Kent Music Report Albums Chart and No. 32 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Pseudo Echo disbanded shortly after touring for Race in 1990.

1990-1997: Other projects
After Pseudo Echo disbanded Canham moved into record production including Chocolate Starfish's 1994 debut album, Chocolate Starfish, which peaked at No. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart. Gigliotti performed with a covers band, All the Young Dudes. The Leigh brothers formed Vertigo (later renamed as Invertigo) in 1996 with Vox Singing Academy student Christian Argenti. In 1997, Canham formed Brill with Darren Danielson (ex-Chocolate Starfish) on drums. Andy McIvor added on bass guitar and Dave Stuart on Keyboards, they toured as Brill and issued an album titled Brill in August 1997. In 2002 Canham along with Ben Grayson and Matilda White formed dance outfit Origene. They achieved success with their song Suddenly Silently (originally written for Pseudo Echo), and followed up with the club hit Sanctuary which reached number 1 on the Billboard Club chart in the United States.

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT - Sony/Roadshow Music

The Butterfly Effect
The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect are an alternative Progressive Rock band from Brisbane, Australia, formed in 1999. The band released a self-titled debut EP in 2001, and then three full-length album afterwards; Begins Here in 2003, Imago in 2006, and Final Conversation of Kings in 2008. During this time, the band consisted of Clint Boge on lead vocals, Kurt Goedhart on guitar, Glenn Esmond on bass, and Ben Hall on drums. After struggling for years to work on a fourth studio album, Boge left the band in 2012 due to personal and creative differences. The remaining recruited Brisbane-based singer Paul Galagher for a final single and tour before announcing their split in 2016. They announced the breakup on their website alongside a limited edition vinyl release of their full back catalogue.

Formation and self-titled EP (1999)
The band first formed in 1999, consisting of drummer Ben Hall, guitarist Kurt Goedhart and a few schoolmates. The band in this form played a few live shows in 1999, most notably one at the Ipswich Racecourse, where Hall met future lead singer Clint Boge after the show. The two discussed musical ideas for what would become the band's first release of music, and by Winter 2000, Boge replaced the band's prior vocalist. The band released their self-titled debut EP in 2001.

Two singles were released from the album, "Take it Away" and "Crave", both receiving extensive airplay on Australian radio station Triple J. The band toured extensively throughout 2002 in support of the album, with the band recruiting final long-term member Glenn Esmond as a bassist, and then playing the Rapid Festival, the Shihad Tour, and the 2002 edition of the Big Day Out festival. The single's and tour lead to band's EP, an independent release, to exceed over 10,000 copies sold. After being featured as Triple J's "Unsigned Find" of 2002, the band signed to record labels "Roadshow Music" and "Rough Cut Publishing", and began working on a full-length album.

Begins Here (2003)
In November 2002 the band released "Crave", the first single from their debut album. It debuted on the ARIA Charts at No. 59 and also achieved No. 1 on the independent charts.

The Butterfly Effect spent November 2002 to March 2003 recording their debut album, Begins Here, at Modern Music Studios in Brisbane, Australia. The album was released in Australia on 4 August 2003. It debuted at No. 24 on the ARIA Charts and again topped the independent charts. It remained in the charts for 56 weeks in total. To date, it has sold over 30,000 copies.

Distribution deals saw the album being released by RSK in the UK, Sony in Germany, Suburban in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The band started to garner attention in Europe, with mentions in several media including Metal Hammer, Rock Sound, Classic rock, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer Germany and Aardshock. In August 2004 the band did a six-week tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the UK. From September to November The Butterfly Effect played 32 shows in 40 days. Album sales have now exceeded 10,000 units in the UK and Europe, and the band has also had some success in South Africa.

During 2005 the band recorded a new single titled "Phoenix" featuring Kenn Malaxos on banjo. The single was released during September, and a film clip was also made. During October and November the band toured Australia, playing some material from their forthcoming second album, Imago, which was released in Australia during July 2006.

Imago (2006)
The band finished recording their second studio album, titled Imago, in early 2006 and it was released on 17 June 2006. It debuted at No. 2 in the ARIA Chart for Weekly Top 100 highest selling music albums. Their previous album, Begins Here, was released in the US through hard rock record label Megaforce Records. The band commenced the Imago tour around Australia in July.

In mid-2006, after nearly three years since its release Begins Here was certified gold in Australia, exceeding sales of 35,000 copies. Shortly afterwards, Imago also attained the same status, only this time it reached the gold mark in only eight weeks, including debuting at No. 2 on the ARIA album charts.

Following the release of Imago, The Butterfly Effect spent the remainder of the year touring the record including an appearance on the 2007 Big Day Out festival tour. Shortly after, work began on material for the follow-up album. In July 2007, the band undertook the In A Memory Tour, with Chicago's Chevelle and upcoming Brisbane act Dead Letter Circus. On this tour, they previewed '7 Days' and 'Rain'. In early 2008, the Home Alone Tour was announced to fill in time before the recording of the new record. The tour, previewed additional new songs called "The Hidden" and "In These Hands".

Final Conversation of Kings (2008)
Recording of the album began in March 2008. The album, Final Conversation of Kings, was released in Australia on 20 September. The cover and booklet art was illustrated by Monaux. It debuted on the ARIA Charts at No. 3. On 14 July the band's first single Window and the Watcher was debuted on radio station Triple J, with the single being released on 23 August. After the release of the album, The Butterfly Effect set off on a tour of Australia spanning October and November, with support from Melbourne acts Trial Kennedy and Sleep Parade. They also performed as part of the Big Day Out 2009 festival, headlining the Converse Essential stage.

Aborted fourth album and breakup (2010-2016)
Initial plans after wrapping up touring in support of Final Conversation of Kings involved writing and demoing material for a fourth album in 2010 and releasing it in early 2011. The band would also tour during this time, performing the "Four Wheels and a Heartbeat" tour in 2010, where they even played new material, most notably a track entitled "Five Golden Rings" in full. Despite this, the band would privately struggle to work on the album for over three years. The band went through extended periods of tension and frustration, with members, most notably Boge with the rest of the band, not getting along. Boge desired for the band to return to their heavier, earlier sound of the initial EP and Begins Here album. Conversely, the rest of the band wanted to push forward even further into progressive territory, as they had with Final Conversation of Kings album, and incorporate further unconventional instruments for rock music into their songs, such as mandolin or bells.

In September 2013, the band announced an Australian tour for October, shortly after announcing Paul Galagher as the band's new lead singer. The band released their first and only Galagher, "Eyes Down",at the same time. After a second period of years of public silence and inactivity, the band officially announced their disbandment in August 2016.

Vox Singing Academy student and lead singer Clint Bode has continued to write new music and pushes vocal boundaries since leaving The Butterfly Effect with great success in his bands 1000 Needles in Red, Like Thieves and Clint Bode (solo). Clint recently toured Australia with Dead Letter Circus. Look out for new music from Clint Bode in 2017 with an all-star band including members from Static X and Coal Chamber.

“They don’t call you the master for no reason! You have taken me from Clark Kent to Superman! You have shown me that with hard work and dedication I can achieve anything I want and more. Not only do you put the pro in professional vocal instructor but are one of the best blokes I know!

Thank you for your continuous help and irreplaceable insight over the years. There is no voice this man can’t fix!”

Clint Boge – The Butterfly Effect

MALLRAT - Universal Records/Dew Process Records

Mallrat aka Grace Shaw is a Vox singing Academy student and hip-hop/dance/electronic star from Brisbane, Australia now based between Melbourne and LA. Her critically acclaimed first EP title “Uninvited” broke her nationally in Australia. She was signed by major label recording company Dew Process with the release of her second EP “In The Sky" and then subsequently signed to a larger label, Universal Records for the release of her latest EP “Driving Music" which has spawned to hit single “ Charlie”. She has been guest vocalist, collaborator and songwriter on numerous songs by Vox Singing Academy student and hip-hop star Allday.
2019 has seen Mallrat tour the world in support of her latest EP with Allday
Look out for big things to come from Mallrat in the very near future.

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