In this singing tutorial we’re going to talk about cold management – what to take and what to do when you have a cold or a flu.

What To Take and Do When You Have a Cold or Flu

The number one point in cold management is to monitor your body and the way you’re feeling all the time. Day one of the cold or the flu is the most important day, because you need to start doing all of these on day one – and not day two, three, four or five once the cold is fully blown. What we’re trying to do is to nip the cold or the flu in the bud straight away, so that the symptoms are going to be smaller and you can keep on singing as quickly as you possibly can once your cold or flu has diminished. So, monitor your body, see how you’re feeling, and if you’re not feeling great – start doing all this straight away.

1. If you’re feeling achy, got a headache or blocked up nose, or your joints are hurting, please get on to your favorite cold or flu tablet. And if you’re not feeling these symptoms, please do not take any drugs at all and try to get over things naturally.
2. Echinacea liquid or olive leaf extract liquid is very good to build your immune system up if you’re feeling the onset of a cold or a flu. I’ve personally told my students to take these at the start of the cold or a flu, and I have never had a cold or a flu since. So, it’s very important to take echinacea or olive leaf liquid extract, one of the two. You can buy these in your health food store.
3. Sodium ascorbate is vitamin C powder – if you do not like eating oranges, kiwi fruit or guava. If you can get a natural form of vitamin C – it’s a lot better for you and your health, and guava has the most vitamin C out of any fruit that is in stock, if you live in a tropical area. It is absolutely beautiful and fantastic. Second with the most vitamin C from a fruit would be kiwi with the skin on. Please eat 3-6 of these a day when you’re sick, get your vitamin C levels up and get rid of the cold a lot quicker. Or simple oranges will do. If you don’t like to take on this much amount of food, you can buy sodium ascorbate from a chemist as it is just a vitamin C powder.
4. If you have a sore throat, I can’t recommend highly enough Betadine throat gargle. Do this every half an hour to an hour. If you don’t have Betadine, gargle really salty warm water and spit this back out. It is also a good idea to consume some throat lozenges as well, I highly recommend Strepfen – it’s the strongest throat lozenge you can get. Or, if not, Strepsils is also fantastic. Another great natural lozenge which has a natural antibody is Throat-Clear, I highly recommend that one. If you have lots of inflammation, Difflam is also fantastic.
5. When you are sick, as singer please get as much rest as you possibly can as your body is fighting something, so try to rest up as much as you can. Don’t go on to exercise or go out or do anything else that you don’t have to do. So please rest up as much as you can and help your body fight the infection or the virus that you have.
6. Multivitamins – please, get a great multivitamin. Especially vitamin B as well. It is good to take multivitamins when you’re sick, and B if you are feeling flat. Also, I have a vitamin called Cold-EEZE – only when I am sick. I only take vitamins and do all of this only when I am sick. I also have fish oil when I am sick as well.
7. And if you are still getting sick and the symptoms are getting worse in 3-4 days after doing all of what I have just listed here, please go to the doctor. It may be blowing up into something bigger – like a cold, a flu, or other infection. If you are coughing up any colored phlegm, green or gray phlegm – you’ve got an infection, so I highly recommend going to a doctor and getting on some antibiotics.

In the next blog I’m going to talk about what to do if you have laryngitis. This is the singer’s worst nightmare – to lose your voice. I am going to tell you what you need to do to get yourself and your voice back up as quickly as you can!

Thank you, and see you on the next blog.


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Have fun singing,
Peter Vox


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