What is vocal coaching? Please explain

Quite often we get people asking us what is vocal coaching and can you differentiate the difference between a singing teacher and a vocal coach? So I thought about it and today I am going to answer this question according to my knowledge.

Basically, vocal coaching is where your singing teacher guides, develops, provides you with direct instruction and tips on how to perform and sing better with various techniques and singing exercises to help you achieve a type of vocal sound or goal. This process is where they develop your voice and show you how to sing better either during a normal routine class or on a song you wish to perform and sing in front of an audience or studio.

Singing teachers can have one-on-one vocal coaching sessions during private singing lessons, group classes or coach you at rehearsals on stage or recording session.  Vocal coaches are used in all modern contemporary genres of singing, as well as classical music.

So in a vocal coaching session, your singing teacher will provides you direct instructions and constructive feedback in the the following areas of singing: –

  • Vocal warm up exercises
  • Breaking down a song and apply various techniques
  • How to sing using your diaphragm
  • Singing using vowels (It’s all about your mouth)
  • Posture or hand gestures
  • Singing with feel, emotion and conviction
  • Stage presentation
  • Microphone technique
  • Preparing and how to audition

I am quite amazed that even on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and BING, a lot of people are asking the same question. I’ve read a lot of posts on other websites and blogs and there are a lot of different answers out there when it comes down to this particular question.

So what am I saying? Am I declaring that my explanation is right?

Maybe because I am only answering this question based on what we do here at Vox Singing Academy.  We do vocal coaching sessions on our students because we always must make key decisions that’s going to benefit the student’s aspirations, goals and most importantly provide them with quality tuition.

To conclude on this article, I want to share this with you all.  I overheard one of our singing teachers, Ryan Vox say to a student: –

“You come to rehearsals or to your singing lessons to hear and pick out those mistakes.  You should always expect that. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to fix them and it’s always about evolving as an artist and also to become a better singer and performer.” – Ryan Vox

So that concludes my article regarding this FAQ. I totally agree with Ryan’s wise words and Peter, you taught us all well much respect sensei!

Vocal coaching is essential and in our world, it’s an additional process we guide our students when we’re developing their skills. We do this because we all really do believe in providing quality singing tuition and that we’re contributing to society in such a positive way.  We all truly believe that.  We always look upon on all people who wish to learn how to sing, as a special individual.  One day, they are going to reach and touch the lives millions of people and I’ll be able to say this to myself: –

“hey, that’s my student! I’m their singing teacher and the vocal coaching session paid off!”.

Peter having a vocal coaching session
The one and only Peter Vox going through a vocal coaching session with a student during a private singing lesson.

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