Online Singing Lessons

VSA Online Singing Lessons are conducted in exactly the same fashion and provide you with exactly the same quality and service as you receive in VSA’s 1 on 1 in studio lessons. Your online singing lesson can be held anywhere, any time with good Wi­Fi or Internet connection.

VSA Online Singing Lessons have some key advantages.

* They save you time and money.
* You can have them where and when you want.
* Because you have to stand close & singing directly into your camera.(This has 1 HUGE key advantage over in studio lessons as the teacher can clearly monitor, see & hear that your mouth is pronunciating, articulating and using the correct diction and that you are using correct breathing technique.)
* The student can clearly see the teachers demonstrations as the teacher will be sitting directly in front and close to there camera.

Peter Vox giving an actual Online Singing Lesson.

Online classes are perfect for touring performers on the road, if you are in the recording studio or if you are simply unable to travel to one of our numerous VSA  Australian studios.

PayPal is available for overseas students for easy conversion into Australian dollars for payment.

Online Singing lessons with VSA range from $35 to $55 per half an hour private singing lesson depending on the experience of the teacher.

So what are you waiting for? Start your singing journey now!

See An Actual VSA Online Lesson In Action.

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