Vox Singing Academy

Australia’s Voice Training Specialist Est 1993.

Group singing classes for KidsFor over 24 years, we have consistently worked with dedicated artists, singers and songwriters by providing the best modern contemporary singing tuition available at our numerous Melbourne studios and also anywhere in the world online.  We guarantee to teach you how to sing or your money back! All of our singing lessons are conducted in a professional studio environment with our devoted and passionate teachers who will help you achieve your dreams, big or small.

At Vox Singing Academy, we aim to find out as much as possible about you as an artist, singer and performer so that each lesson is customised just for you in a fun and relaxed manner.  Not only do we strive to be the best, we want to provide BEST premium vocal tuition to all students. Vox singing teachers provide the highest quality tuition for all ages, skill levels for both male and female.  All singing lessons include one-on-one vocal coaching and are tailored especially to give you what you want from your voice.

Vox will teach you how to sing to the best to your ability with an easy step by step guide designed to increase your confidence, improve your on stage presentation, microphone technique and help with overcoming performance anxiety. As a student at Vox Singing Academy, you will not only have fun singing, you will also learn how to become a great performer!

We have proven time after time that we are the BEST live performance and singing academy in Australia, with numerous high profile bands and performers flying in from interstate and overseas for private singing lessons. If you want to perform live on stage or anywhere, be it amateur or professionally, our quality singing tuition and vocal training techniques will ensure you feel confident knowing you have chosen the right singing school.

“I have been in the industry now for 34+ years and I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of singing teachers and schools that come and go. The music industry is like that. Only the best, most dedicated, skilled and determined will be highly successful for a long period of time!” says Peter Vox.

We will NOT and will NEVER rest on our laurels, past victories or success stories and will strive to continually innovate, evolve, learn and grow with technology as a team. Vox Singing Academy will provide you with the greatest modern singing lessons and vocal tuition available.

We reward our students for attending singing lessons with Gift Vouchers for their loyalty, dedication and achievements.  This is our way of showing our love and appreciation for any students dedicated in their musicianship.

All of our singing teachers can help you prepare you for the A.M.E.B (Australian Music Education Board) examinations or for any students looking for guidance and help studying and preparing for their VCE examinations.

Vox Singing Academy has access to 2 great recording studios. Record your own songs as a solo artist or full band. The studios are available to Vox singing Academy students both past and present at heavily discounted rate.