Tigertailz are a glam metal band hailing from Cardiff, Wales. They are most famous for their 1990 album, Bezerk which made the Top 40 in the UK Albums Chart, with hit singles “Love Bomb Baby” and the ballad “Heaven”, and spawned a couple of successful singles. The band reformed in 2005 to considerable popular acclaim.

Part of the nascent glam metal scene in the late 1980s, Tigertailz first line-up issued their debut album, Young And Crazy, in 1987. The album featured vocalist Steevi Jaimz, guitarist Jay Pepper, bassist Pepsi Tate and drummer Ace Finchum. The debut album also provided their first single, “Livin’ Without You”.

As the band toured, vocalist Steevi Jaimz was not fully committed to the band, and several instances of fighting were recorded. The band recruited Kim Hooker to replace Jaimz in time for follow-up album, Bezerk which was released in 1990 on the Music For Nations label.

Prior to the release of Bezerk, the band re-recorded “Livin Without’ You” with Hooker as vocalist, and released it as a single. Bezerk saw the band breakthrough as a headline act, and delivering three singles, “Love Bomb Baby”, “Noise Level Critical” and “Heaven”. The album peaked at No. 36 in the UK Albums Chart.

Only in their first year as a band, Tigertailz have received critical acclaim from fans in Australia and abroad.

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