Thousand Needles in Red

Thousand Needles In Red are a band in one of those unusual positions – which do occur occasionally, but are far from the norm – where the members are based in completely different cities and states.

It means that their activities are just a little different to that of most bands. “’Cos Clint’s in Brisbane, and the rest of the band’s in Sydney,” Tristan expands, “everything we’ve done from day one has been very strategic. Like, the songs for our EP were basically written in a weekend when Clint came down. When we’re together, has to be game on, because we don’t have time to muck around. So when Clint’s down we gotta work, it’s like ‘let’s put in, eight hours, just to start off with.’ We’ve just gotta go for it.

Vocal virtuoso and Vox Singing Academy student Clint Boge, renowned as frontman for Brisbane’s Progressive outfit The Butterfly Effect, teamed up with riff-master buddy Tristan Bouillaut to form their new act Thousand Needles In Red.
Thousand Needles In Red have one EP titled “Blackbird” and a full-length album title “Empires”

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