why professional singers need vocal lessons

VSA Podcast #30 WHY PROFESSIONAL SINGERS NEED VOICE LESSONS (Featuring Mark Kelson From The Eternal)

EMILY SAAEN VOX ventures out to Kelsonic Studios, visiting her student and friend - a very prolific Melbourne vocalist, musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, music producer and RMIT teacher MARK KELSON of THE ETERNAL (Ex- Cryptal Darkness, Alternative 4).

They discuss Mark's journey as a self-taught singer, and what made him take up singing lessons after 15 years of a successful career, what improvements and changes it made to his experience recording and performing live, and how it affected his lifestyle and approach to vocal care before shows, rehearsals and recording.

They also discuss numerous subjects, such as singing on pitch, warm-ups, cooldowns, and many more vocal tips, singing techniques, music industry insights and opinions. Also, why is there an ICEHOUSE song on a doom-metal album :)

Watch MARK and EMILY perform together live:

Watch MARK and THE ETERNAL perform live:

"ALL YOU NEED IS EARS" by George Martin and Jeremy Hornsby:

THE ETERNAL are going on their next European tour August 17 to 31. Check them out, if you are in Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden or Finland this August-2019!


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