How To Write A Great Melody, Hook Or Tune For Beginners

VOX SINGING ACADEMY Director and Principal teacher Peter Vox will answer ANY, ALL & EVERY question regarding the voice and singing. In this episode, Peter Vox answers the much-asked question “I can write lyrics but I cannot make up or create a tune or melody of my own”. Peter speaks in-depth and walks you through the processes of how to write and come up with melodies to your own songs or lyrics for a beginner to intermediate perspective.

Beginner's Songwriting Structure Explained In Detail

In This Podcast You Will Hear Beginner's Songwriting Structure Explained In Detail By Peter Vox. A must-listen for all budding and up-and-coming songwriters. This audio is a very exclusive recording of a singing lesson with Peter Vox. In this lesson, Peter Vox verbally explains how to write a song and songwriting structure for 14-year-old beginner songwriter Harry Buck.

VSA Podcast #15 How To Write A Great Song If You Do Not Play An Instrument

Welcome to Vox Singing Academy's video podcast Episode #15 hosted by Peter Vox & Emily Saaen Vox. Discussing everything regarding singing, vocals and much much more! In this episode Peter and Emily will be discussing the topic of how to write a great song if you do not play any instrument. Also discussing songwriting structure, composition and recording of your own songs as well as many more vocal tips, hints, music insights and opinions.
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