singing higher

VSA PODAST - A Singing Lesson Covering Expanding The Range, Overcoming Anxiety & Singing A Queen Song.

See what takes place in one of Australia's most renowned and sought after singing teachers lessons. No editing, no auto-tune, no script just naturally doing what he does best! In this lesson, Peter Vox demonstrates and shows a student how to expand their high range with scales technique. Scales are an important part of a singers development to strengthen, develop and work on different elements of the singer's voice. Scales are given to the student to expand the higher range. So covered is Vocal coaching to relieve singing performance anxiety and finally, Peter works through, critiques and improves "Hammer To Fall" by Queen.

ASK VSA PODCAST - Sing High In True Voice Without Cracking Or Breaking!

VOX SINGING ACADEMY Director and Principal teacher Peter Vox will answer ANY & EVERY question regarding the voice and singing. In this episode, Peter explains, demonstrates and gives you a vocal scale with examples to improve your higher register. As well as vital tips regarding diaphragmatic breathing & practising correctly with great technique. Peter answers Alvin’s question. "I have watched your YouTube videos regarding breathing and I try to tighten my stomach and my diaphragm as you have instructed but my voice keeps cracking and breaking when I try to sing higher in true voice. Can you please help?! My voice also sometimes feels scratchy after trying to sing high. Any help would be much appreciated."