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ASK VSA PODCAST - How To Book Shows, Gigs & Play Live For Originals Or Covers!

VOX SINGING ACADEMY’S Director and Principal teacher Peter Vox will answer ANY, ALL & EVERY question regarding the voice and singing. In this episode, Peter Vox answers Alex Greens question “How do I get gigs/performances and play live my band my band?”. Peter explains in detail the process needed for you to obtain gigs and play live whether you're doing covers or original music, solo, duo, trio or full band work.

ASK VSA #1 How To Get Gigs, Shows, Play & Perform Live

Welcome to the ASK VSA Podcast where Director & Principal teacher of Vox Singing Academy Melbourne, Peter Vox answers all of your questions regarding singing. In this weeks episode Peter answers Alex Greens question, how do I get gigs, shows, play & perform live?
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