Superheist was an Australian nu metal band that attained a significant degree of success with a string of EPs and singles and two full-length albums that charted in the Top 40 before suddenly disbanding in 2004.

The group was formed in Melbourne in 1993 with a line-up of guitarist DW Norton, vocalist Roderick McLeod, bassist Adam Donath and Sean Pentecost on drums. The “Apocalypse” demo shows them as a grindcore band in the Napalm Death mould. They went on to feature at the annual Metal for the Brain festival in 1995 and 1996, losing Pentecost along the way.

Superheist were signed to Melbourne’s Shock Records for release on its subsidiary label Shagpile and recorded the EP “Chrome Matrix” in early 1997 with Aaren Suttil (1974–2006) from Dreadnaught providing drums. This EP showed a stark shift in musical direction from grindcore and toward a clearly commercial, melodic sound styled after the increasingly influential nu metal school. Shortly before its release, Donath was injured in an industrial accident that almost severed his hand. Nevertheless, he was able to remain with the band while they searched for a replacement. Pentecost rejoined and Superheist played some shows on the east coast with Non-Intentional Lifeform, another early Australian nu metal band that was signed to Roadrunner Records and was attracting some mainstream interest. Late in the year Donath was replaced by Simon Durrant, from the Adelaide-based industrial death metal band In:Extremis. This group had released two EPs, the latter of which, “Hybrid Scarifier”, had appeared shortly before the band ended midway through 1997.

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