What songs do I select for my audition?

If you are at advance level in your musicianship, you should be by now trying to pick songs that are vocally challenging for both higher and lower range of your voice.  Try to pick songs which contain falsetto, light and shade variances, a bit of husk or distortion or songs you know that are going to be challenging and push you to new heights.  Most importantly, pick songs you enjoy singing.

If you are going for an audition, or under going a performance examination, the three main points to look out for are the following: –

1. The most important thing and cardinal rule when singing, not just for your examinations but anywhere and everywhere is PITCH. You have to be in key all the time once you have reached this level.

2. Light and shade or volume variances with in the song.

3. Your skills must be polished and you need to take the song to the next level.

For Example: Adding cries, trills, phrasing, interpretation, singing with passion and feeling, articulation; pronunciation and diction by going to the right vowel mouth placements, control, breath support, rests, pauses and holds.

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