Paris Wells

Paris Wells is an Australian singer songwriter based in Melbourne. She has released two albums and one EP. Wells has played at festivals such as Falls Festival, Big Day Out, Meredith and Sydney Music Festival. She has supported Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart and Jamie Lidell on tour.

Wells was a Fairfax employee working in the advertising sales department, when she started performing tiny underground gigs with DJ friends in Melbourne.

Her early gigs at local bars consisted mostly “toasting” over funk breaks, but after forming a creative partnership with Ryan Ritchie (aka RHyNO), a songwriter and artist with group True Live,she released her debut EP of her own material, Mum Hasn’t Slept Yet, with label Illusive Sounds. Wells was then offered slots on the festival circuit, playing the Meredith Music Festival, Falls Festival and the Sydney festivals.

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