Online student concerts have become a regular fixture at VSA due to the pandemic in 2020. Online student concerts are held via Skype for a limited number of singing performers. Online student concerts run between 1 to 2 hours and are recorded live and released on YouTube.

Online student concerts are a regular fixture for our rural, interstate and overseas online students to gain valuable stage and performance experience.
Contact your teacher or VSA’s super helpful administration staff here for more information……

The shows starts at 1 PM and finishes between 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM depending on the number of students performing. Prizes, giveaways, Vox Singing Academy gift vouchers and merchandise will be given away at the end of all shows as a encouragement awards!  So it’s best to hang around until the end of the show!

Student concert dates are announced a month or so prior the event on our website, Facebook page and at our studios.


Vox Singing Academy’s performance days and student concerts run every six to eight weeks throughout the year finishing with a grand finale end of year concert.

They are a great way to gain valuable stage experience in a professional environment with the use of professional sound equipment, lights and staging in a relaxed manner.

The event is held on a Sunday on the ground floor front room at The Palace Hotel, 893 Burke Road Camberwell . Delicious food and drinks are available. Families are encouraged to book a table if there are more than 4 people attending. Family, friends and public are more than welcome.

Students will generally perform 1 to 3 songs acoustically with their guitar or with backing tracks. It is the student’s responsibility to bring in their own guitars and backing tracks. The objective is to the give up-and-coming performers with minimal onstage experience a chance to overcome challenges such as performance anxiety and to gain valuable stage experience in a professional environment.

With guidance by their singing teacher, all students will rehearse and practice all songs, stage presentation, microphone technique and crowd interaction in their singing classes prior to the event.

*NOTE for backing tracks! All students must use professional downloaded backing tracks. All songs must be one after themselves on one playlist ready to go. All security locks and must be off on all devices so the device does not close or shut. CDs, USB’s and You-tube backing tracks are strictly not to be used.