Natalia Vox

A Polish­ Australian contemporary singer & musician with a classical music background who can speak not only Polish and English but also basic Korean!

Natalia started her music journey at the age of 7 joining the local music school, singing and playing on the violin. The violin didn’t last long and shortly after she changed the guitar, therefore she joined a guitar course while performing in the music school choir.

At the age of 13, Natalia played inNumerous pop, rock and punk rock bands. She started recording popular songs for local bands as the lead vocalist. Since then Natalia diligently studied the singing voice and vocal technique. 2014­2016 Natalia was the local choir conductor and arranger, leading weekly rehearsals and performances, also playing at weddings and corporate functions. At the same time starting her journey as a vocal and guitar teacher. Currently, Natalia is studying Bachelor in Contemporary Vocal at the Australian Institute of Music, taking lessons from accomplished musicians such as Peter Vox, Josh Kyle, Luisa Rankin, Matt Amy, Paul Gildea, Nick Freer, Jasmine Nelson & Nicole Canham.

As a teacher, Natalia’s personality is friendly, calm, patient, relaxed and confident combining this with her powerful voice and large range giving her the ability to teach both males, females, adults and children. Natalia specialises teaching children and young adult classes. Natalia is especially good in energizing her students as well as in encouraging to sing students who are very shy, self­conscious, or have a history of damaging their voice. She can also help you work on your songwriting, composition and guitar skills! 🙂

You can check her vocal skills at:

Natalia continues to write her original music and develop her musicianship.
Now she is working with DJ & Producer Rob Leezy on releasing her first album.
At the same time, she is also performing, recording and co­writing with:
Caroline Adamowicz,
Eight items or less,
Paper girl

Performing yearly at Polish Festival at Federation Square, as well as singing at weddings, birthdays, various charity events, clubs and other community events.

Booking Hrs:

  • Melbourne CBD studio on Monday’s
  • Dandenong studio on Thursday’s
  • St Kilda studio on Saturdays

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