Voice training for children

I have been teaching singing and voice training for the past 20 years and it’s imperative that the students and their teacher have a strong relationship because that strong bond is key in proper tuition. – Peter Vox

When looking for a singing teacher for your children keep in mind that voice training for children is taught differently to that of adults. Children’s vocal chords are still growing and can be damaged much more easily, so it is important to select a singing teacher who will keep this in mind since greater care needs to be given to their singing lessons. We also believe that children need to be positively encouraged and motivated in their singing tuition. Most children will not want to continue singing lessons if they are not truly enjoying themselves and having fun.

The 5 things a singing teacher must ensure are: –

  1. A good singing teacher who specializes in voice training will spend time finding out what your child’s individual goals are and what type of personality they have. Some children are outgoing while others tend to be more reserved and it is the vocal teacher’s job to develop their voice and training curriculum that will best suit the child’s personality and style in lesson plans.  In other words, singing lessons for children should focus on the child’s individuality and strengthening their voice.
  2. Singing teachers should always keep the students best interest a main priority and that is health and care during their voice training and development. Always remember to properly warm up and stretch their vocal chords before singing songs or scales so that they are not feeling uncomfortable or straining their voice. Children are probably most enthusiastic about practicing singing outside of lessons and it’s extremely important to always aim to give them the tools to do so without damaging their voices.
  3. Cultivating and encouraging younger students is extremely important as well through positive and supportive environments. An adult may understand a certain level of training through constructive criticism but we know that children tend to take instruction better when it is directed to them through positive encouragement and confidence boosting methods.
  4. Always choose a voice teacher who teaches correct vocal techniques and methods. This is especially important in children because the voice training techniques they learn today will become their singing habits as they get older. Now is a time where their vocal and singing foundation is being developed. It will be much harder to break bad habits when they are older; now is the time to begin training and using the right ones.
  5. Remember to always, always, always ensure that children are having fun in their activities.  Whether it may be singing, piano or even sports, kids need to be kids. If they are feeling pressured or forced into singing, it will reflect in their performance. If a child is having fun singing they will be relaxed, confident, and be able to perform to the best of their ability.

“It’s not just about being a singer; it’s also about being an entertainer.  So relax and just have fun! Don’t worry!” Singing teacher – Bec Vox

To conclude, if they have fun and make others around them smile, we grown ups are happy and that’s what counts the most.  The more people smile and the more happier our children are; we all make the world a better place.

Until next time, have a great weekend and have fun singing!

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