Pseudo Echo are an Australian new wave band that formed in 1982 in Melbourne. The original line-up consisted of Brian Canham (vocals, guitars and keyboards), born 3 July 1962, Pierre Gigliotti (as Pierre Pierre) (bass guitar, keyboards), Tony Lugton (guitars and keyboards) and Anthony Argiro (drums)

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CUT COPY – Universal Music / Modular

Cut Copy (sometimes stylised as Cut/Copy) are an Australian electronic music band formed in 2001 by DJ Dan Whitford (vocals, keyboards and guitar). Initially a home-recording project, the band now includes Tim Hoey (guitars), Ben Browning (bass guitar) and Mitchell Scott (drums)

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THE PANICS – Capitol Records/Dew Process

The Panics are an indie rock band originally from Perth, Western Australia, and currently based in Melbourne, Victoria. The band started out with Vox Singing Academy student Jae Laffer...

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GYROSCOPE – Warner Music/ Festival Mushroom Music

Gyroscope are an Australian rock band from Perth, which formed in 1997 as Gyroscope Sunday. The members are former Vox Singing Academy students Daniel Sanders as lead vocalist and on guitar, Zoran Trivic on guitar and backing vocals, Brad Campbell on bass guitar and backing vocals and Rob Nassif on drums

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CLOWNS – Shock Records

"Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance over the years. Especially, thank you for making me lay down on the basketball to breathe properly so I do not blow my voice out.
Stevie Williams - CLOWNS – Shock Records "

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"Peter Vox. Thank you so much for guiding and steer me on to a much better path vocally.
David De La Hoz - BELLE HAVEN – UNFD/Rise"

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Bjorn Again – The World’s No 1 ABBA tribute show!

Björn Again is a parody of the Swedish pop group ABBA founded in 1988 in Australia, but now involving multiple touring troupes performing under the Björn Again name. The show takes its name from Björn Ulvaeus, a member of ABBA, and a pun on the phrase "born again"......

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CIRCLES – Wild Thing & Season Of Mist Records (EU/USA)

"To Peter, Your a true professional in all aspects of the business. Thank you for keeping at me and making me do all my scales, practice and driving me to continually chase my dreams as a truly great vocalist in a professional world wide touring band.
– Perry K"

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CLOSURE IN MOSCOW – Warner Music//Equal Vision Records

“To the Great Peter Vox,
I want to sincerely thank you for taking my voice from a pauper to a prince. Hail to you the KING!!!”
– Christopher J De Cinque - CLOSURE IN MOSCOW – Warner Music//Equal Vision Records

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LEE HARDING – The Voice, Australian Idol, Sony BMG Records

Prior to competing in The Voice Australia 2019 Harding was a member of a cover band named "Bedrock" who described themselves as a "party band", with a repertoire of hits from the 1960s to the present day. Harding was quoted on his website as saying, "I'd been going to see them since I was 16. I saw them every single week so I knew every song when I joined Bedrock".

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DEAD CITY RUINS – AFM & Third Verse Records

Dead City Ruins is fronted by VSA Student and powerhouse vocalist Steve Welsh.

Dead City Ruins are 5 young men from Croydon, Melbourne, Australia, and they play Rock ‘n’ Roll like their lives depend on it.
If you can imagine Black Sabbath, Early 80’s Iron Maiden and Phil Lynott era Thin Lizzy, thrown in a blender alongside antipodean grit, sweat and a fountain of beers, you’re getting close to the in your face, high energy live show delivered at brain splitting decibels these guys produce.

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