PETER: Do you believe in star signs?

DANIELLE: I do to an extent.

PETER: I can’t take it too seriously at times, but I do think you know, we are all… to do with the sun, moon and stars we are 90% percent water so we are very much aligned with that.

Okay! Do you have an idol?

DANIELLE: Okay, I’ll be honest with you. When I was younger, it is you, I want to be just like you are.

PETER: Alright, I pity you poor thing! (humorously)

DANIELLE: And probably now, my Mum. She’s been through so much and I look up to her for that.

PETER: That’s fantastic, that’s really good. I think a lot of the simple things in life were often the best and when you actually see someone working through different issues and life situations you’re learning a lot through that so that’s fantastic.

If you have a dinner party and you can invite two famous people, who would they be and why?

DANIELLE: If they would be singers, it would be Ed Sheeran and Pink just because I’d love to sing with them. Can you Imagine pink singing there and Ed Sheeran with a guitar? It would be incredible. And I will sing with them too

PETER: Do you have a celebrity crush? Or have you had a celebrity crush?

DANIELLE: If it’s a girl, it would be Pink, if it was boy it will be Zac Efron. Not when he was in highschool musical

PETER: Okay, favorite leisure or activity besides singing?

DANIELLE: I do a lot of craft things with my daughter and I enjoy doing that,

PETER: So what sort of stuff do you do ,like needle work?

DANIELLE: No, more so we go to the craft shop and we we get all types of little packs little packs and then we put them together. We made pillows.

PETER: Just on that subject, you have a son and daughter, are they singing? Are they following like your passion or your craft?

DANIELLE: My daughter yes, she sings at times

PETER: Wow! Do you have a personal motto that you live by and if so, what is it?

DANIELLE: I am just going to say to live your everyday to the fullest.

PETER: Okay, I have one. I know I’ve said that in my interview but when I get up in the morning with my feet on the ground, I’ll say “thank you”. I’ll say thank you because I am here and I appreciate it.

Your fondest/best memory ever to do with anything?

DANIELLE: The moment I had my daughter.

PETER: Okay, your biggest life changing moment?

DANIELLE: When I became a Mum definitely.

PETER: It definitely does change things when we become a parent.

How about your most embarrassing moment?

DANIELLE: So, I’ve got many but probably the one that stands out is when I went into a pole outside Knox cash converters and Mum was like to me, “don’t worry! No one saw” but I like re-bounced back. The whole pole was bent and my Mum said “don’t worry no one saw, just get up” and I had like an egg on my head and everyone from cash converters comes to running out saying “Oh my god, are you okay?” and I said to mum I thought no one saw me and every one was stopping me and trying to put ice on mey head that’s the most embarrassing thing ever.  The pole is still bent.

PETER: Okay, your favorite travel or holiday destination?

DANIELLE: I haven’t been very far but I would love to go to LA.

PETER: Yeah L.A is one of America’s fantastic place. Your favorite sport to watch? Or do you even watch sports?

DANIELLE: Oh I don’t really. I only because I have to when it’s n the TV.

PETER: Your opinion about the state of the world?

DANIELLE: It’s nuts.

PETER: It has been for a while I think it just goes in waves of being more nights I think with the situation with North Korea, America and Russia it’s a little scary and every thing that’s happening over and Turkey and France?

One thing that would make the world a better place?  

DANIELLE: If every on got along

PETER: It’s very simple?

DANIELLE: It is! It’s about people voicing each other’s opinions and you just need to keep repeating your opinion, you can voice your opinion yeah but it’s your opinion so someone shouldn’t crack the s ^##ts over your opinion.

PETER: Okay, do you have a charity or an organization or something that is close to your heart that you’d like to mention?

DANIELLE: I always like the Ronald macdonald house and the heart foundation maybe because I have kids and I’ve got a heart condition.

PETER: Yeah fantastic! So give generously to those appeals if they’re knocking on your door and you see them.

Okay! Let’s wrap it up… anything else that you would like to share the viewers finally?

DANIELLE: Hmmm… come to Vox Singing Academy!

PETER: Yes, if you’re interested in singing lessons, come to Vox Singing Academy we love what we do as you can tell by the interviews with the teachers

DANIELLE: And you’ll get me on the phone! J  

PETER: Yes you will and maybe Rients on the Friday or me.

Thank you Danielle, it’s a pleasure having you on board. You’re very important integral member of the team and I appreciate it very much.

Signing off… Bye!



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