In this blog we’re going to be talking about the very important subject of using light and shade within a song.

So let’s go now straight into the scale that you can directly apply into your songs. This is going to be a volume scale, we’re going to be using different volume variances. If you have not got access to the You-tube video what I would like you to do at home is simply sing four of the same notes one after themselves in four different volumes. I highly suggest you do this exercise in the middle or higher part of your vocal register as your projection will work a lot better in this area more so then down lower in your register.

We will be also saying “MA” on the very last note so that the voice will not distort. Please while you’re doing this scale or exercise, support with the diaphragm with the right amount of air, underneath the vocal cords especially on the third and fourth note as they are going to be a lot louder. You shouldn’t be feeling any pain or discomfort whilst doing these scales.

So simply sing the word Art x3 and Mar with a cry on the fourth and last note. Your first note should be sung as quietly as you possibly can, your second note should raise in volume and should be slightly louder than the first note, your third note should raise in volume and be slightly louder than the second note and your last and final note should raise in volume and the slightly louder than the third note using a Mar cry with a lot of diaphragmatic breath support.

Practice this in different keys going up and down your range. As I’ve already mentioned you will get a lot less volume variances in the lower part of your range and a lot more volume variances as you go up higher in your vocal range.

This is a fantastic scale to teach you different volume variances. Please try to listen to your favorite artists and singers and try to apply those different lights, shades and volume variances into your songs. This is so important that we try to use these different lights and shades songs as it’s going to make your songs sound so much better.

Thank you for joining reading once again.

Enjoy your singing.

By Peter Vox

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