How do I build my child’s confidence in their singing ability?

At Vox Singing Academy we believe that teaching our kids through group singing classes is one of the best ways to build their confidence and boost their self-esteem. Not only that, through group lessons kids will learn to work as a team, be accountable to a lessons group and receive the support they need from other students and teachers in their lessons.

We believe that overcoming anxiety or nerves needs to happen one step at a time and not be done before the child is ready.  With the ever growing popularity of kid’s talent shows and singing platforms such as The Voice or Australian Idol, we see a lot of kids coming in feeling pressured or pushed into singing and performing without truly enjoying what they are doing. Our group singing classes aim to break down the “Hollywood” stigma attached to singing and allow kids to realise their own uniqueness and potential.

Each class is developed to boost confidence, inspire and direct your child towards their next singing challenge and promote an enjoyment of music and singing. Most kids find that when they begin having fun in a group, they start to forget about or put aside their singing inhibitions.  Kids become more open to learning when they are actively participating in a group activity.

Through these lessons the whole group will be taught proper vocal techniques such as warming up, breathing, mouth placements and singing scales. Kids will work on these techniques as a group, helping one another out and learning from each other. The group will firstly sing chorus together, including harmonies and sections, then work towards individual confidence by offering kids solo singing parts and one on one critiques.

The main goal through this is to have fun, build confidence, learn proper techniques and hopefully even make a few new friends along the way. We’d love to see kids progress to private one-on-one singing lessons, however if group singing classes are where they are most comfortable than we will encourage them to continue singing in a group setting.

group singing classes
Group singing classes is a great way to build your child’s confidence.

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