Transitioning between True voice and Falsetto seamlessly!

After reading last week’s blog, you should have a clear distinct knowledge and feel of where your falsetto is placed within your various…

Getting the BEST out of your Falsetto!


The Importance of a Correct Practice Regime

https://youtu.be/CQ-Haoq0Zhc In this blog we're going to discuss the importance of a correct practice regime; what you should be doing and…

Gain Ultimate Control When Moving Between Notes!

https://youtu.be/ScfcIvA90aM I’ve been receiving a lot of correspondents and I am picking out the most asked questions that you guys are…

Do YOU want to Sing high in true voice? Then watch this!


How to Warm Up Your Voice Before A Performance


The Science of Breathing for Singers!


Correct Diaphragmatic Breathing Stage 1!


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