Simple Steps For Overcoming Performance Anxiety

MIXDOWN MAGAZINE ARTICLE We all love doing what we do. Singing and playing music. A big part of this is getting up on stage and performing in front of a crowd. For some of us, this is extremely daunting and … Continue reading

Surviving the Silly Season and Weather Changes

MIXDOWN MAGAZINE ARTICLE Yes it’s that time of year again! ALREADY! The silly season, the Christmas season, whatever you want to call it. This time of the year can be especially hard for singers. We are dealing with Christmas parties, … Continue reading

Knowing Your Voice

MIXDOWN MAGAZINE ARTICLE How and what should I sing? What genre best suits my voice? What do Mick Jagger, Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, James Hatfield, Beyoncé and Adele all have in common? Even though all of the above vocalists sing … Continue reading

Classical Vs. Contemporary Singing

Mixdown Magazine Article Myth: If you can sing classically you can sing anything. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry. Fact: There are only two genres and styles of singing! Contemporary. Classical. Period, end of story! They … Continue reading

What a Performing Singer Should and Should Not Eat and Drink!

Mixdown Magazine Article This has to be one of the most common asked questions that I receive as a singing teacher. The subject is generally horses for courses and depends greatly on the individual. For example, it’s like asking an … Continue reading

Choosing a Key or Register that Best Suits your Voice!

Mixdown Magazine Article Have you ever sung a song and it just didn’t sound or feel right?! Well there is a good chance that the key of the song didn’t suit your voice. For example, Johnny Cash who is naturally … Continue reading

Are You Singing in Tune?

Mixdown Magazine Article The cardinal rule as a singer is to sing in tune all, if not most of the time.If you feel like you sing some notes off key, out of tune or you are pitchy, don’t worry – … Continue reading

Singing in Crossover Voice

Mixdown Magazine Article Do you want to sing really high in True Voice? Have you ever wanted to sing really high in True Voice? But when you attempted to do so your voice just cracks and breaks and goes into … Continue reading

The Different Voices, Registers and Ranges

Mixdown Magazine Article What’s my range again!? Ironically this is the name of my column. It is also a frequently asked question by most singers. What key should I be singing in and where does my voice sound its best? … Continue reading

The Touring Singers Regime

Mixdown Magazine Article SINGERS TOURING PREPERATION There is nothing more exciting than a bands the first real tour. Packing the van, car  or plane with all your equipment and hitting the road. A tour means that you’re going to play … Continue reading

Taking Proper Care of Your Voice!

Mixdown Magazine Article *Posture when singing Stand up when singing or doing your scales workout in a relaxed posture. If you are sitting please try to keep your upper torso relatively straight and relaxed. *Vocal care, health and general well-being … Continue reading

The Most Important 4 Facets to being a Great Singer!

The most important 4 facets to being a great singer! The importance of the diaphragm, larynx, ear and mouth and how they all work simultaneously together to make a great voice. The voice box, ear, diaphragm and the mouth all … Continue reading