Annihilist are a metal band from Melbourne, Australia. Their debut EP ‘Vol. 1’, released in Nov 2015, blurs the lines between European melodic death metal and the new wave of American heavy metal all tied together with a progressive style of songwriting. Live performances are a vital aspect to Annihilist, the overly charismatic VSA student Harry Pendock always turning heads at shows with his amazing vocal abilities and theatrical behaviour, adding a much needed element of fun to what is all too often perceived as a serious genre.

Guitarist’s Miki Simankevicius and Josh Voce both impress audiences with their technical prowess, Miki with the fast Alexi Laiho esque shredding solos and Josh’s style focusing more on bends and vibrato. Bassist Toby Peterson–Stewart proves his abilities with technical sweeps and melodic flourishes complementing every guitar part on ‘Vol. 1’. Whilst James Sayers drumming is nothing short of incredible, his razor-sharp sense of rhythm and twelve-arm sounding drum fills create the foundation of the Annihilist sound.

Two music videos for ‘Vol. 1’, ‘Solace In Suffering’ and ‘Embers’ have so far been released, both shot and directed by Annihilist’s own guitarist Miki Simankevicius. The videos are a glimpse into the bands live show in a desolate setting of swamps and decayed flora. The last 18 months have seen Annihilist perform all over Victoria alongside some of Australia’s elite metal acts including Hollow World, Boris The Blade, Chronolyth, Whoretopsy, The Hazard Circular and Ruins. The next 18 months for Annihilist include further shows interstate with plans for a second release in 2017 and hopes to take their music overseas.

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