In this blog, our master teachers Peter Vox and Fabio Vox are demonstrating how to do different vowel harmonies – useful for both lead and backing singers!

Please refer to the video here:

Peter: Now, I’ll be singing the melody of HELP by THE BEATLES, and Fabio will be giving you demonstration on how to sing some different vowel harmonies through this particular song.

● DEMO 1: Fabio will be singing the first note of the chord, which will be A.
● DEMO 2: Fabio will be giving you an example of the third note of the chord, doing some different vowels.
● DEMO 3: Fabio will be giving you an example of the fifth note of the chord .
● At the end of the above video, there are audio examples of Fabio’s separate recording, so you can practice along with him. And you can practice along with this video again to enhance your harmony singing skills .
The main thing when you’re doing harmonies is to always keep on practicing , and listening to the chords . Because the chords will be telling you where you have to be.

Harmonies can be used wherever you wish – there are no rules, as long as it sounds good. Harmonies can be placed throughout any areas of the song that you want to enhance vocally. Please try both vowel and lyric harmonies , and see which one you like the best, and what sounds and suits your song the best .

To start practicing doing harmonies, sing along with your favorite songs to preexisting harmonies in the songs. Then, once you’ve got that down, practice along to songs that do not have harmonies . Then practice along with your friends or your choir group, or whatever you wanted to put harmonies into.

Please start with songs that are relatively easy and have straight melodies . You don’t want to be working with songs that have big jumps in them, it’s going to be very hard to do. The more you practice, the easier it will come. Harmonies are fun!

Have fun singing!

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