Ultimate Vocal Cool Downs

In this blog, we will be discussing and talking about vocal cool downs. As you already know, it’s very important to warm your voice up before you perform and sing and it is very important that you’ll also cool your voice down after you have sung and performed.

As you already know, you are an athlete. Your voice is a muscle and we need to train this and take care of it. If you’re going to go for a jog, you would stretch and warm up before you go for a jog because if you don’t, you know that in time you will cause yourself an injury and the same principle applies to your voice. When you finish your jog you will also stretch as well too so that you can do the same activity the next day. When you’re stretching after your jog and singing, you are basically stretching the muscle and releasing lactic acid. So what you wanted to do when you finish your singing practice, rehearsal or performance is cool down in the same manner that you warm your voice up – that just in reverse.

So let’s say for instance, you did a burble to warm up to start with… and then a wee falsetto, and then a mah cry for instance… you would reverse that when you cool down. So you would start with a mah cry, go through the whole scale and then do the wee falsetto and then finish with a burble.

If you’re doing more extreme forms of singing, you may want to cool down with a husky scale or if you’re using a lot of in and out of falsetto during your performance, cool this part of your voice down as well too.
Once you have finished your cool down, stay hydrated, drink a lot of water. If you have a performance the next day, please be responsible. Don’t go out screaming and yelling and doing things that may hurt your voice but if you don’t have anything on the next day, you’re more than welcome to do what you like to do and talk to people. Just please do take care of your voice so that you can enjoy this the next day and for the next coming years.

Thank you and I’ll see you on the next blog!