KATE Vox is a singing teacher at Vox Singing Academy.

Singing teacher in Melbourne - Kate Vox
Dedicated singing teacher and vocal coach, Kate Vox

Kate has been singing for as long as she can remember and performing since the age of 7.

Growing up in a musical family with parents and her 4 siblings all singing and playing various instruments, music has always been ingrained in her daily life. As well as singing and performing, Kate completed AMEB exams in both piano and flute.

From a young age, Kate started performing at various local events and vocal eisteddfods, with spectators and judges often commenting on her surprisingly big voice.

She went on to perform in various productions through school and was part of the school swing band performing swing, jazz and funk/rock tunes locally. The band also played at the Paynesville and Merimbula Jazz Festivals and around various Melbourne Venues, including a gig at Federation square. During this time Kate was fortunate to receive vocal coaching from renowned Australian Jazz singer, Emma Pask.

Kate’s past vocal coaches have ranged from styles of contemporary, to jazz to classical. Kate loves teaching and singing all genres including pop, rock, RnB, blues, country and theatre musicals. She has a massive range spanning 4 plus octaves. Because Kate has been singing since the age of 7 she has amassed a wealth of experience that she is willing to share with all the students and with this ability enables her to teach both Male’s and female’s, adults and children in most genres of singing.

Her bubbly and energetic personality, and naturally calming presence, keep her lessons fun and encouraging for all students.

Kate is also available to teach students wanting to complete ANZCA (Australia New Zealand Cultural Arts) Music examinations in vocals from preliminary to grade 8. Perfect for any students wanting to take their music theory, and singing to the next level.

Due to this he is in very high demand and availabilities with Kate are limited!
Online Skype lessons are also available with Kate!

Kate is available at the Brunswick Studio on Mondays and Thursday’s between 12 noon – 10pm & Saturday’s 10 AM – 5 PM


“I'd like to thank Vox Brunswick for the services they've provided me. I've been taking lessons with Kate at Vox Brunswick for the past 3 months and have found the lessons extremely engaging and rewarding. Certainly this is due to the tremendous teaching as well as the program set forth by the company. I have noticed a great improvement in my singing ability and am shocked at how quickly I noticed results.

Thank you again, and I look forward to continuing my lessons with Kate.

Gordon Brown”

 "Keeping my voice is a challenge for me as I was born with a thicker throat muscle, which made my voice crack quite frequently. Being advised by my GP, I looked for a place nearby my place and found VOX Academy being reviewed as expertise. I told myself: “I could be a singer, maybe just for myself, why not?” And Kate, my teacher from VOX Academy has brought me an amazing experience. After three months, I rarely lose my voice, gained back self-confidence and enjoy going to singing sessions with Kate. We have great de-stressing time. I want to say thank you to Kate with all my heart. I don’t know how far I can go in this journey but I absolutely love it!

– Sam Chu

 ""I have always seen myself as a “guitarist who sings a bit” but my voice had been letting me down since a bad throat infection. From initial contact with VOX singing academy, I’ve received nothing but encouragement. Kate is an excellent teacher. She has shown me how to strengthen my voice and improve my technique far beyond anything I’ve been able to do before, always encouraging me to extend myself and try something different. Kate has also made me think about how I sing a song – something I never paid much (if any) attention to before. Breaking it down, line by line, word by word and thinking about how to achieve the emphasis you want on particular words and phrases and how to find your way up to those high notes, really improves your performance. I’m starting to think of myself as a “singer who plays guitar a bit!”

– Andy Mooney

 "My singing lessons have been fun and relaxed from the very beginning. Kate has always been encouraging and supportive, making me push my voice to do things I didn't think it could do. I learn something new every lesson, and can see myself slowly improving over time."

– Rushmi Sooriyabandara

 "I've been taking singing classes on and off since 2011, and haven't been happy with their methods. Since I started classes at Vox singing from February, I have been much happier. Kate is a fantastic teacher and a great person. I am extremely happy with her method and guidance, I feel my vocal abilities are much stronger and I have been more confident. It also helps me personally trying songs from different vocalist from different bands or artist, your voice starts having more range. I'm very happy with Kate and Vox singing school, I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn to sing. Keep on rockin'!"

– Louie Raccuglia

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