Harmony Singing for Beginners

In this blog, we’re going to lead straight off from the last blog where I explained and demonstrated the difference between a backing vocal and a harmony.
Now, we have a few requested email saying “I’d like to learn how to do harmonies and I don’t know how to do them”. So, I am going to show you how to do them here and I am going to start off again with the most commonly used and easiest harmonies which is the third and the fifth above.
So, before we start doing some harmonies, let’s do a scale to get your ear into the groove of what we’re about to do with harmonies, so let’s start with the third harmony scale. I am going to do a triad scale going up and strike the notes. You’re going to need to be on to make harmony sound good so make sure you are striking the notes. (Scale here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGt7zb9VH8E)
When doing scales, don’t slide or join the notes, seeing a little firmer and louder as the notes are getting higher, males are more welcome to go to falsetto on the top higher notes if you wish. And remember don’t be scared sing or do harmonies in falsetto voice.
If you want, you can also reverse that scale by coming down (the lower harmonies) but because we haven’t got a lot of time, we’re going to be focusing on the higher 3rd and 5th harmony which is the most commonly used harmony.
Now that you’ve harmony scales down and your ear is good and we’re going to start putting them to practice. Again, I will be using the same melody I used from last week’s blog which is the first verse of the Beatles song. My first starting note is in C#, if your going to be working out the harmony in songs, we’ll have a listen to myself singing here as I give an example… If you can play piano or guitar, you can work out what notes you need to sing. If you don’t play guitar, that’s fine and if you got no musical skills, that’s also fine! You can just go with and it use the scale that I had given you which is the third and the fifth and start practicing to that. Sing the melody then sing the third and then sing the fifth and then record yourself singing them altogether and get that down.
So, I am going to give you an example of what you should be doing at home.
Record the melody
Sing the third above the top to the best of your ability and work out the notes if you can.
When you can do the fifth on top of that you would of created and now have a three part harmony.
This is a great way to practice harmony’s by yourself at home. Get your friends in, get your band mates and start doing harmonies! Practice makes perfect!
I hope that this has helped you out and see you on the next blog of the 5Minute Singer!

Thank you

Peter Vox