Ryan Interview Blog (Part 2)

PETER: If you’re going to have a dinner party and you could invite any two famous people, who would these two famous people be?
RYAN: One of them would definitely Ricky Gervais, he’s from the “Extras” he’s a comedian and he’s also a musician he plays guitar and sings. If you haven’t seen his YouTube Channel, it’s hilarious, “David Brent teaches guitar”. Him either and Eddie Murphy just those two together, I will be pretty fine…
PETER: Wow! So just for the comedy fact of that or because you’ve got to ask him questions?
RYAN: Could you imagine, I could pay a few drinks, I know Ricky Gervais has drinks like he likes beer, so imagine having a few beers and get them comedy… whooo! It will be hilarious!
PETER: You’ve got to film that before we put it on here, if they would come through!
Ryan, your celebrity crush?
RYAN: Male or Female?
PETER: HAHAHA! I think we should keep it to female here.
RYAN: Scarlett Johansson either her or Emily Blunt.
PETER: What about male then, while we’re going down the track?
RYAN: It was Johnny Depp for a while! Hahaha. Brad Pitt was there as well.
PETER: That’s enough Ryan, we might have to edit that out! (In a humorous or flippant manner) How about your favorite leisure or activity besides singing and music?
RYAN: That’s really hard! Maybe just keeping fit? I just played volleyball, I love beach and the sun and boxing. I love boxing.
PETER: Excellent! I love that too, it’s fantastic! Do you have a personal motto that you live by and if so, what is it?
RYAN: I don’t know if it’s a motto or not but I try to think as positively as possible and ______ of judgment as much as I can. I find it hard because I came from a very judgmental family so I started without it every day and I find that the world needs it more than ever… is social media these days is like…
PETER: I just read that Ed Sheeran has gone off of social media altogether. Yeah it has its good aspects and bad aspects as well too.
RYAN: I have to say to everyone to just keep positive. If you don’t want to say anything bad, don’t say anything at all, like if you feel it, don’t say it just say something good.
PETER: Yeah that’s a great motto. How about your fondest or best memory?
RYAN: The day that I arrived in Thailand for the first time.
PETER: Wow really!
RYAN: Yeah I just finished my thesis. I just done a massive thesis for theatre and I didn’t have sleep, I was caffeine out. I’ve got on the plane, got off and I was like it’s reborn, that’s the most amazing experience ever! I was on a holiday for three months and it was me going out on good times.
PETER: Wow that’s really great! I don’t even know that about you. Your biggest life changing moment?
RYAN: The day that I re-enroll for year 12. I dropped out, and I didn’t get a grade school so I re-enroll two years later and I went to a music school and it was the most amazing experience I ever had because I did all the things that challenged me and I did music, theatre, performance solo, performance group… I did all the things that terrified me.
PETER: Fantastic, that’s really good to confront your fears. I think that’s a great thing to do in life.
RYAN: It sets me on this path to where I am now definitely.
PETER: I am glad that you did that,
RYAN: Me too.
PETER: Your most embarrassing moment, Ryan?
RYAN: It would definitely when I was at the music school and I prepared this vocal interstate love song. I prepared it vocally and didn’t prepared it with a guitar. I was like, “yeah I got this” rocked up in front of the whole class. The whole class was watching and then PA plugged on the stage and then it stuffed up, the intro? It stuffed it up and it was just all the wheels fail off, vocally just failed off. And I actually just stopped in the middle of the song…
PETER: There you go ladies and gentleman that’s a very big point to learn. The stage is a sacred place and you’ve always got to be prepared 110% before you get up on stage.
RYAN: And not just vocally but with other instruments…
PETER: So again, once the guitar fell apart, I think you stopped and just gone acapella?
RYAN: If I found that then, I would have but I just freaked out and that was really embarrassing because all my peers were there.
PETER: Thailand, is that your favourite travel destination?
RYAN: Yes definitely.

PETER: Your favourite sports that you’d like to watch?
RYAN: Beach volleyball. It’s great because it’s by the beach. You can look at what’s going on. It’s a great weather usually in that season… it’s great, it’s the best sport ever and you don’t have to pay for it. You just go to the bench and watch it, so it’s excellent.
PETER: Do you support a football team or a club of any sort?
RYAN: I don’t support anything by giving money. I basically rocked up and watch the game… Tigers, Melbourne Stars… Big Bash.
PETER: Your opinion about the state of the world?
RYAN: Seriously, it could always be worst. All of them will complain all the time but then I’d do anything about it. That’s the one thing that annoys me, I think it’s important to gain… it could be worse but just try to be as positive as you can in your own world and hopefully that rubs up on someone else.
PETER: Yeah, one thing that would make the world a better place if you could do one thing?
RYAN: Basically I think being nice, not as nice as you can but doing something good every day. It sounds really cheesy but just helping someone out, maybe once a day or even just smiling to someone you know, that can be a massive thing to someone that’s got mental health problems… it’s misunderstood just how simple and effective that is. And some people feel intimidated by how big the world is, if you do that start spreading and it goes from there. That’s a big thing.
PETER: Do you have a charity or an organization that’s close to your heart that you would like to mention?
RYAN: I should, I don’t actually. But if I was to recommend anyone, check anything out maybe Anthony Robbins. I am not employed by that but they do a lot of stuffs, they give money for free for a lot of people. They basically have a charity of their own as well. If not that well locally just the _______.
PETER: Yeah _________ is the one that is close to my heart. It’s fantastic. We’re going back to this last question here… you would have to give us an album that you would take on a dessert island?
RYAN: It was going either the Queen, the Princes of the Universe Album just because I used to sing that album when I was a kid every day.
PETER: Anything else you would like to share to the viewers before we wrap things up?
RYAN: Well I reckon, this is a big thing that Peter actually suggested to me a long time ago. If you’re out of place and you’re working out and you’re not happy or if you’re in any situation you’re not happy with, it’s probably not good enough that you’re not happy there so maybe go something and do something that makes you happy. I think it’s Winston Churchill that says, “if you’re happy when you work, it doesn’t become a job anymore” or something like that, so I would recommend to work somewhere you’re happy and then that’s not become a job and then that becomes the third of your life and then everything else will go from there. Just do things that makes you happy!
PETER: I love this guy! Thanks for being in the Vox Couch Ryan! Look out for more candid interviews with the rest of our teachers in the very near future.
Bye for now!
RYAN: See you guys!