Ryan Interview Blog (Part 1)

Introducing Ryan Vox. Interviewed by Peter Vox at Vox studio in St Kilda. Peter finds out why Ryan is such an inspirational teacher and exactly how he was drawn to the role he enjoys so much.

PETER: Welcome to the Vox Couch here in St Kilda. We have Ryan Vox here today. Thanks for joining us Ryan!

RYAN: Thanks for inviting me!

PETER: Not a problem mate. So, this is mainly your studio. You teach here about three days a week. It’s a great vibe when I come here to teach in St Kilda. We’re here in Acland Street where there is a lot of artistic people everywhere so I feel really pumped up when I come. It’s such a great vibe.

RYAN: It’s pretty cool. There’s so many different bars and things going on. There’s music everywhere around here.

PETER: Yeah okay, let’s get started into it. Mate, tell us about your artistic self. A brief history to where you’ve come from?

RYAN: Well I grew up loving and watching drama plays, so I got that really early. I just used to watch them and I always wanted to be an actor then so I went on to music. I’d learn how to play guitar and then from there, I started wanting to do a bit more with singing.

PETER: Yeah, so when did it start? How old were you?

The music started was when Silverchair came out. I was probably 15. It was 1995

: Cool, mate what’s in the pipe works artistically for yourself? What can we look forward to and expect to see from yourself in the next year or so?

RYAN: This year is so good, there’s so many cool things happening. I have a band I am playing with, we’re playing pretty much every week and we get gigs every month now so I am really happy about that. It’s came from nowhere and every year we get better and better so we’re a work in progress, in terms of everything we do. I play the percussion and sing in harmonies and also doing some song writing so probably get a couple of original songs down this year and do some covers playing gigs live.

PETER: Mate, your favorite singer? Who’s your favorite singer?

RYAN: Daniel Johns from the Silverchair like he’s the first person that started me of wanting to sing.

How about your all-time favorite song?

Basically, I have to say “Tomorrow”. Every time I put it on, the original one and not the one on the record… it’s raw, got mistakes, they’re 14 years old and my mind was blown. I wanted to be like that.

PETER: Your favourite song that you enjoy singing?

It has to be “Folsom Prison Blues” by Johnny Cash. He fits my register, sings down low. It’s easier and it’s fun.

PETER: Yeah, most memorable live show or performance that you’ve witnessed or you’ve gone to.

I think that’s going to be John Farnham when I was probably 5 years old? I think I was at the Entertainment Centre. It’s one of the first memories I’ve ever had. There’s two songs I remembered. “You’re The Voice” and “Freedom”

Fantastic! Your favorite aspect about teaching singing for Vox? What’s your favorite part about teaching?

I think the best thing about it is, it’s a combination of seeing students walk out really, really happy and also every day is a different. Like every day there’s a new song, there’s a new challenge, there’s a new style that’s coming out, new things to learn. I am constantly on my toes, learning new things. I am never lazy and never get settled with anything. There’s a lot.

PETER: The most rewarding aspect about teaching?

RYAN: It’s such a positive job, like you’ve noticed more than anyone, you’ve been doing this for so long now and…

PETER: Don’t give away my age Ryan!

RYAN: Ohhh. That’s a hard thing to do though, to maintain that level professionalism and perfection really. But yeah, I woke up feeling really good about what I’ve done and it’s just a positive job and people walk out feeling happy. I am always happy when I am teaching and enthusiastic so I feel like I am doing something really worthwhile.

PETER: Your strongest point as a singing teacher?

RYAN: I guess, I came from a background where I wasn’t a singer primarily. So I guess my passion for helping the students go on the path they want to. So if they’re struggling in one area, I won’t stop until [I’ve fixed that]. My mindset is “how can I make this student sound amazing right now?” Right now! Not in two weeks. I still have the plan of a weekly progression. I don’t get lazy and I guess that’s my strongest point.

PETER: Fantastic. Alright let’s get into something not that serious now. What’s your favourite food or meal Ryan?

Is this good food or bad food?

PETER: Let’s say it’s your last meal that you’re going to have ever?

RYAN: I’ll go with Nachos.

PETER: Alright, favourite drink Ryan? It can be alcoholic

First is water but yeah, alcoholic Piña colada. I went three months in Thailand, every place I went to, I tried the Piña colada and they’re all the same. They’re all this slushy style, taste almost the same. Like the coconut flavour, it’s almost like a Slurpee, so that’s good.

: What’s your favourite personal item?

RYAN: It’s probably my hat. My Indiana Jones Fedora. And the second, it would be my guitar. It’s not the best guitar but it’s the first guitar I bought and it was the one that got me started on learning music and how to play and get really good. I don’t use it live but I use it just for home.

PETER: An application or a gadget that you just can’t live without?

RYAN: That would have to be Netflix. I don’t know if I could call that a gadget but yeah it’s got everything in it. Phone is too easy I thought so it’s going to be Netflix.

PETER: What’s your star sign?

RYAN: Taurus

PETER: Taurus? So you’re a bull? So, do you believe in star signs?

RYAN: Yeah well I don’t know if mine’s true coz apparently I am good with money and meant to be stubborn and I don’t think I am stubborn. It’s an earth sign.

PETER: Your idol? Daniel Johns again?

RYAN: No, it’s got to be Anthony Robbins, he’s kind of like a rockstar as well. He’s a personal motivator and a multi-millionaire. He came from nothing. He built his empire up from scratch and he helps people everywhere he goes. He works 6-7 days a week and he’s been doing it for 30 years I think.

PETER: He must be in the 60’s now?

RYAN: I think he’s close to 50 because he started when he was like 18.

PETER: He definitely is fantastic.

RYAN: If you ever see the Netflix video of him, they’ve got one out and it’s amazing. It’s one of his shows and it’s got the amazing dialogue of him and some guidance to a guy who wants to commit suicide and he talks him out of it, and it’s amazing. He uses the “stick” and the “carrot” and he treats people differently, you should watch it.