Remembering Lyrics

Hi and welcome to another blog proudly brought to you by Vox Singing Academy. My name is Peter Vox and in this blog we are going to be discussing the subject of remembering lyrics as quickly as possible. If we don’t know the lyrics to a song one hundred and ten percent, then we can’t present that song to the best of our ability. This is a very important topic. I often get asked; “How do I memorize lyrics?”

So, I am going to give you some tips here that will help you remember lyrics as quickly as you possibly can.

First and foremost, grab a pen, a notepad and a recording of the song.
I want you to listen to the first line of the song and write it down. Yes, write it down. I know that you can go and find it on the net. I know that you can download the lyrics very quickly. But if you write the lyrics down, they are going to sink in to your head a lot quicker. I guarantee this.
Once you have written the whole song down, please sing the first verse along with the actual artist.
Then pause the recording and sing it back acapella while looking at the lyrics.
After that, attempt to sing the first verse without looking at the lyrics.

So, once you’ve gotten that first verse down, repeat the same steps with the second verse. Then go and do it with the chorus.

If you mess up, especially when you’re not looking at the lyrics, go back to the original recording. Sing it again with the artist, looking at the lyrics and then try to sing acapella without looking at the lyrics again.

Repeat this process until you get to the very end of the song.

On the first day this may take a little bit of a time, but you’ll be rewarded for your efforts the next day. The big point is that you have to practice every day until you get the song down. If you missed a day, it’s harder to remember. Memory retention happens the best within 24 hours. So please, try to practice the next day. This is so important.

Once you have memorized the song one hundred and ten percent, you’ll need to quickly accompany yourself on piano or guitar. Or find a backing track to sing along with. Do this as quickly as you can.

Write down whatever changes and nuances that you want to put into the song while working with the backing tracks. That way you can change the phrasing in a way that suits your voice. If there are many layers of voice in the original artists recording, you should choose exactly what parts you will sing and write them down.

Sing the song with your personality and don’t sing it exactly as the artist is singing it.

Once you’ve got it down with the backing track, try to practice wherever you can. The second and third days are very important so don’t miss them. The more that you practice, the quicker that you’re going to get the song down.

I guarantee in a day or two, you should got the song down a 110% if you spent a little bit of time practicing. Practice makes perfect.

For a better understanding of this topic please watch this video…

Hope that helps you out guys and we’ll see you on the next blog!