The Importance of Light & Shade within a Song

One of the most important factors of singing and presenting a song is using different shades and volume variations within a song. This is your color palette – exactly the way an artist would use a color palette to paint a fantastic painting! You need to do the same thing as a singer. If you do not add these variances or different volumes into your songs, you are going to be sounding dead, monotonous and boring – and we do not want to do that!

Let me give you an example here of not using any volumes, okay? I’ll do rock sound by The Police.

I am going to try to sing this as dead as I possibly can. The second version, I am going to add a lot more light and shade and some variances into the song.

Now, let me try to put a little bit more light and shade to it, some volume variances, a little bit more expression of the song, a little bit more feeling into the song…

So, now you can hear the differences in the two examples. I know which one you would rather listen to – and it will be the second one. Please try to add these different lights and shades, but the main thing is to listen up for these different lights and shades and volume variances with your favorite artists and singers, and I will guarantee you that they will be doing this in every single song that has ever been written and sung.

Now, when I am working through and breaking down songs in a class, I go through different numbers from 1 to 4, and I would write these numbers down next to the lines – whether they may be originals or covers, – so that the student knows what volume they have to be at, at any particular point.

Anyway guys, please have a listen to some of your favorite artists and try to apply these different volume variances into your songs!

In the next blog, I am going to give you some volume scale which is absolutely fantastic and you can apply these skills straight into the songs after I will have given it to you next week.

Thank you for joining me guys, I really appreciate it! See you on the next blog!


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Have fun singing,
The Vox Team



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