How To Develop A Beautiful Rich Chest Voice

In this blog, we’ll be discussing and demonstrating how to develop a beautiful, rich, lower chest register voice.

There’s a lot of discussion about everyone wants to sing high or higher or expand their range and that’s fantastic but please do not neglect your middle or lower part of your range which is a beautiful part of your voice as well. There are lots of great, fantastic lower singers that use their lower range a lot i.e. Adele, Pink, Stevie Nicks, Michael Buble and of course Elvis Presley. I am going to give you a beautiful demonstration on how to develop this beautiful lower chest voice down here with this soul sounding scale.

Please refer to this video:

We’re going to start in the middle of the female voice here to start with, we’ll start with the girls and I’ll tell you males when you start to kick in here as well too. We’re going to be doing a soul sounding scale. Please pop your hand on your chest, and I want you to feel your chest resonate as we are going down, lower in the scale.  I want your volume to go down as we come down on the scale and slightly up in volume as well climb back up the scale. So girls, have a listen to me…

Now, I don’t want you to be pushing the sounds out and sounding classical or having a Bello to the voice that goes with the males too. I want the volume to calm down so that we get a beautiful sweet soulful voice. Okay males are now allowed to start as well too, everybody pop your hand on your chest. Females can continue until your voice stops or runs out and please females very quietly as we’re going down to the lowest note here. With the males, do not push the sound out, let it flow out.

Please practice this scale, go along and try to sing some lower songs. This is a beautiful part of your voice that shouldn’t be neglected, please go out and use this part of your voice.


Thanks and see you on the next blog!