Danielle Vox Interview Blog (Part 1)

PETER: Hi and welcome to another episode of the Vox Couch and today I am going to be running a candid interview with one of our most senior teachers Danielle and also our administration manager. How are you doing today Danielle?

DANIELLE: I am good, how are you?

PETER: Fantastic, you’re a very important part of Vox Singing Academy because you do the administration work and teaching as well too so you absolutely know everything about Vox Singing Academy and you do a fantastic job as well too so I wanted to say thank you very much for that.

Let’s just take it back a little bit very similar to Ryan as well too, actually probably a little bit different to Ryan. I know that Ryan came to singing lessons when he was about 15 or 16. I remember his Mum bringing him in to singing lessons, Ryan is one of my most [experienced] singing teacher besides myself. Ryan is now on his late 30’s, hope he doesn’t mind me saying that but I know Ryan for a very long time but I probably known you for a longer period of time Danielle because you came to singing lessons with myself when you were very young, so how old were you at that time? 4? 5? 6?

DANIELLE: I think I was about 5 and you didn’t wanted to take me because I was so young.

PETER: Oh there we go, lucky I did!

DANIELLE: Yeah until I made you.

PETER: You made me or your Mum and Dad made me?

DANIELLE: No, it was more like I want to do, it’s like I made you… (laughing)

PETER: Fantastic! I am not giving away your age, I’ve known you for a very long time. So tell me a little bit about what’s been happening and what’s in the pipe works artistically for yourself coming up now?

DANIELLE: Well, looking at maybe doing some acoustic duo type of stuff and doing some gigs wedding type of stuff but yeah I am still teaching and that’s what I enjoy the most really.

PETER: Fantastic. Just tell us a brief history about yourself expanding back from when you’re 4 or 5 because I know you done some recording with some quite big people and some different things like that so give us a little bit run through of that.

DANIELLE: Yes I started when I was about 4 singing with you and taking some competitions I suppose when I was growing up but the main place I remember when I was so young was singing at the Crown Palladium competition there then I recorded my own single and I worked with a producer on stage and done a lot of gigging.  A lot.

PETER: Fantastic. Danielle, let’s get into some light-hearted questions here. If you won $20 million, what would you do and will this change your life?  

DANIELLE: I’ll take my whole family travelling.

PETER: Fantastic! If you had one year to live, what would you do?

DANIELLE: I will spend those times with my family, really.

PETER: If you had one week to live, what would you do?

DANIELLE: Same thing

PETER: Your favorite singer of all time?

DANIELLE: I am a massive Ed Sheeran fan, like huge.  I would do anything for him.  

PETER: Wow! He is fantastic. He’s an amazing songwriter, hasn’t got an exceptionally big range but writes great melodies and absolutely great songs.

DANIELLE: Yeah his songs that kind of like hit you,

PETER: He is fantastic and if he keeps on writing in the way that he’s writing, he’s going to go down in history and one of the great writers of all time.

Your favorite album? If you had one album that you would take away on a dessert island?

DANIELLE: Probably an Ed Sheeran Album,


DANIELLE: Yeah probably X.  

PETER: Your favorite song that you enjoy singing? I pretty much think I know what this is.

DANIELLE: What do you think it’s going to be?

PETER: I think it’s going to be Black Velvet.

DANIELLE: Oh really? You think that?


DANIELLE: Yes probably and Hallelujah are pretty much my favorite.

PETER: Fantastic! What a great song! On this subject as well too, there are numerous versions of Hallelujah, we know that a lot of people have done that song, what’s your favorite version of Hallelujah?

DANIELLE: I love Jeff Buckley’s but I tend to sing Katie Lang’s version

PETER: Both sung with a lot of emotion, both of them. I think more so, Jeff Buckley’s. I am Leaning towards Jeff Buckley.

The most memorable show or performance that you have witnessed? Live show?

DANIELLE: Probably Ed Sheeran’s concert because, well it used to always be Pink coz I love her too, but his last concert is just him and a guitar and that was it and it was incredible.

PETER: Okay! Back to some teaching here. Your favorite aspect about teaching for Vox besides working for me?

DANIELLE: Probably when I see a student get excited. You can tell that they know that they are improving and they can feel and see the difference.

PETER: So they are excited about the improvement?


PETER: Fantastic, very good! How about the most rewarding aspect about teaching singing? Is it the same thing for you to saying the development of…

DANIELLE: I think seeing a student perform. I like that!

PETER: Yeah especially that… what was that girl’s name that played that acoustic guitar version?


PETER: Jade, fantastic to see her up and going with her original songs were very good.


PETER: Okay! Your strongest point as a singing teacher?

DANIELLE: What do you think?

PETER: I haven’t had singing lessons with you so I wouldn’t know.

DANIELLE: No, but you would know how I teach.

PETER: I’ve known your strongest point as a singer because I’ve taught you since you are yey high but your strongest point as a singing teacher this is….

DANIELLE: I think I am really bubbly and I think everyone feels comfortable. Lots of students feel very comfortable with me so it gets to them out of their shell a lot more and makes them kind of go for it. Do you know what I mean? Say if you do get students come in and they really kind of reserved and they don’t want to sing in front of you but when you talked to them and stuff and I find they do come out of their shell

PETER: You’ve got a very relaxed personality so I feel very ease when I am with you all the time. I think one of the aspects that you are very good at is diagnosing certain parts within the voice or the song and addressing those and making those parts better as well, so that’s from my point of view for sitting in to your classes and observing your lessons.

Okay! Your favorite food or meal?

DANIELLE: Well, I love curry. But it has to be home made curry. My God, my Carmel.

PETER: What sort of curry does she make? Is it Indian?

DANIELLE: No, she does more Malaysian curry.


DANIELLE: Yeah they are very good.

PETER: Your favorite drink?

DANIELLE: It’s tequila sunrise.

PETER: Fantastic! Your favorite color Danielle, black?

DANIELLE: No, purple.

PETER: Your favorite personal item? Memorabilia? Jewelry? Car? Clothing? What’s your favorite item?

DANIELLE: Probably my wedding ring.

PETER: Beautiful! And a gadget that you just can’t live without?

DANIELLE: Oh clearly my phone. My phone is my life line. Okay, I think any Apple product, or my Mac

PETER: Apple, keep it coming Apple… keep some free things coming our way. We do use Apple products a lot.

What’s your star sign Danielle?

DANIELLE: Cancer. It’s a water sign.

PETER: I don’t know much about Cancer.

DANIELLE: They are very laid back.

PETER: We just got to move on from that and I think that sums up your personalities, it’s you are very water. You go with the flow and you just move around and I notice that your whole life, you are just like that as well too. Very intriguing and very true!