Week 9 of the Ultimate Online Singing Course’s Video Diary

Watch WEEK-9 Vlog by our student Christine Warren, who is learning to sing using Vox Singing Academy's Ultimate Online Singing Course: https://voxsingingacademy.com/ Christine has now progress to Entry level II module two. In this 9th week video, Christine explains the improvement she's feeling in … Continue reading

Peter’s Mixdown Monthly

Read Peter’s column every month on Mixdown Magazine Every month principal singing teacher, Peter Vox writes an exclusive article for Mixdown Magazine, written by musicians for musicians.  “I really love that motto!” If you have missed previous articles, you’ve come … Continue reading

How to apply vocal technique

How do I apply vocal techniques I learn from my singing lessons? Our Office Manager who use to do performing arts in threatre has been having private singing lessons here at Vox Singing Academy as she wants to get back … Continue reading

Singing with feel

How to sing with feeling and emotions How many singing schools, singing teachers, vocal coaches, musicians or artists can relate to this question?  I’m sure we all get asked this.  The question we continually get asked during singing lessons is, … Continue reading

What’s vocal coaching?

What is vocal coaching? Please explain Quite often we get people asking us what is vocal coaching and can you differentiate the difference between a singing teacher and a vocal coach? So I thought about it and today I am … Continue reading

Selecting songs for auditions

What songs do I select for my audition? If you are at advance level in your musicianship, you should be by now trying to pick songs that are vocally challenging for both higher and lower range of your voice.  Try … Continue reading

Vocal warm ups and muscle stretching

  Singers at every level should do some mild stretching of the muscles and limbering the body before any practice of vocal scales or rehearsals. Warm ups should consist of some light stretching of every major muscle, the abdominal, core … Continue reading

Learning how to sing

So you want to learn how to sing and you’re hoping to get some extra tips?  Well you’ve come to the right place because at Vox Singing Academy we believe “if you can walk you can dance and if you … Continue reading