ASK VSA – Why Am I Running Out Of Breath When Singing?

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Are you already having singing lessons for quite a while, but still don’t feel confident in your abilities? There are two reasons why that is. 1. You are not practicing effectively — or, maybe, not practicing enough, if at all. 2. Your … Continue reading

ASK VSA Blog: How to Become a Confident Singer

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VSA Blog: How to sing higher without your voice cracking or straining

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Learn Vocal Techniques, Singing Practice and Sing Quickly!

What exercises improve chest voice, falsetto, and blending them? First and foremost, with all of my students that attend my lessons, I give them individual scales for every part of their voice. If we want to work on chest voice, … Continue reading

How to Find the Best Online Singing Course for your Vocal Needs

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Blog – What To Do If You Can’t Find a Great Singing Teacher

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How to do Vowel Harmonies, and Where and When to Use Them

In this blog, our master teachers Peter Vox and Fabio Vox are demonstrating how to do different vowel harmonies – useful for both lead and backing singers! Please refer to the video here: Peter: Now, I’ll be singing the melody … Continue reading

Secrets of Great Health for All Singers

Peter Vox had only taken 9 days off of performing and teaching in the last 25 years. In this blog, he is going to tell you his secrets of great health, and a few tips and tricks you can use … Continue reading

Laryngitis – The Singer’s Worst Nightmare Blog

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What To Do if You Have to Sing with a Cold

In this blog, our Principal Singing Teacher Peter Vox is continuing the series on easy vocal care. Sometimes singing with a cold, flu or a blocked nose is unavoidable, and there are ways to do it safely! So, how do … Continue reading

What To Take and Do When You Have a Cold or Flu

In this singing tutorial we’re going to talk about cold management – what to take and what to do when you have a cold or a flu. The number one point in cold management is to monitor your body and … Continue reading