How to scream, high in falsetto!

Extreme high falsetto screaming. In this month’s article I am going to guide and help you developed your extreme screams for hard rock/metal/black metal/screaming, growls, distortion and squeals. We will be singing extremely high black metal tones (jet engine or … Continue reading

Singing with Distortion, Husk, Dirt, Grit, Throat or Growling.

In this month’s article we’re going to discuss a very popular subject! Singing with distortion, husk, dirt, grit, throat, growling; call it what you will! But for this months article we are simply going to call  it singing dirty or … Continue reading

Preparing yourself and Voice for a Show or Tour!

Preparation for a live vocal performance or show In this month’s article I am going to give you 2 descriptions of vocal preparation for   shows. The first  will be for a professional to semiprofessional performer or singer. PRACTICE AND … Continue reading

“If you can walk you can dance and if you can talk you can sing”

Do I have potential? Is my voice good enough to sing professionally? And will I improve? I have received a considerable amount of e-mails and messages on our website and Facebook over the last few months regarding different questions and … Continue reading

Why is my voice fatiguing?

Mixdown Monthly I hear this a lot from singers and performers that I speak to and new students that come into Vox Singing Academy say ” Half way through my live performance my voice is fatiguing, halfway through rehearsal my … Continue reading

Microphone Technique

Mixdown Magazine Article At some stage being a performing singer whether you’re a backing vocalist or lead the singer you are going to have to sing into a microphone. First and foremost, it does not matter whether you are an … Continue reading

Cold and Flu Management for Singers

Mixdown Magazine Article Once again, winter is upon us, bringing with it the cold and flu season. When you are sick, you don’t even want to get out of bed, much less want to sing. This time of year can … Continue reading

It’s all about your mouth

Mixdown Magazine Article Have you ever been to a performance or heard a song and thought to yourself, “I cannot understand a single word they are singing?” The main reason this happens is because the singer is not using their … Continue reading

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Mixdown Magazine article Why am I going red in the face, running out of air, or sounding breathy and thin when I sing? This is one of the most commonly asked questions of me and our singing teachers here at … Continue reading

How do I warm up my voice?

Mixdown Magazine Article Hi I’m Peter and welcome to my regular monthly column on singing. I started singing for many reasons but the main one was it was just purely and simply fun. I started singing at the age of … Continue reading