Blog for the Vocal warmups for the RnB, Soul, Pop, Blues, & Hip Hop genres

In this blog I am going to be talking about and explaining how to warm up the RnB, Hip hop, Soul, Blues and Pop Voice and again, already in this warm up series, I’ve already explained that there are lots of different genres and if I warmed up every genre, I’d be here forever so this is a broader umbrella and please remember to warm up the parts of your voice that you’re using and for the length of time that you think you need to warm up your voice so that you sound the best so this is a recommendation.

Again, I always start warming up the RnB and the Soul voice with either a hum and ung exercise or a burble. After I’ve completed that I warmed up the top end with a falsetto and I then go into a few vowel scales to help with my articulation, pronunciation and diction. So either an “eh-see-heart-soul-you” or simply on each notes. After that, I will warm up with a nice smooth passive scale for the smooth RnB ballad. I will then be warming up my true voice to falsetto if you’re using this. After this, the higher true voice with a crying scale of some sort will go on the “we” here so I am getting a cry towards the top of my range warming up the top range which is very important with the RnB, soul and blues.

Please refer to the video here:

If I was performing live after I have completely warmed up and felt that I was completely warmed up, I would then go into singing the first verse and the chorus of the first song that I am about to perform so that when I get up on the stage I know exactly how am I going to feel and sound and the show should be great from there on in.
Hope that this has helped you out and have fun singing!